Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making It Up As I Go: The Art of Creating, etc.

I've been freelancing for 3 years now, and I still don't know everything about design and business. As a matter of fact, I don't know that much and I'm probably just making it up as I go. I've made mistakes - and still do - but I think it's my best way to learn. I look back and I'm amazed by the process, by what I've accomplished so far, by the people I've connected with. And quite honestly, I can't explain it most of the time.

Something surreal happens when you combine being human and creating. It's as if for a moment, you find yourself in this place that feels perfect and whole, a place that is fully alive. It feels like the core of your being, like it had been there all along. There is purpose, and for a moment, it is the only thing that feels real. It's your very own place, a place that only you can find. And to me, that's magical.

I've been wanting to share a few of my experiences with freelancing and creating for a while now, perhaps a few tips here and there, but never really knew where to start. I don't know if I want to write a few posts about it or just one. So, I'm going to start with a few general tips/notes for anyone wanting to start or continue creating.

- If there is something you'd like to try, try it. Don't hold back because you "don't know". There is no "perfect" or "imperfect" way to create.

- Don't force something that doesn't seem to work. If something doesn't click, try something else. Use a different medium. It's okay to change your mind, even after having done something the same way for years.

- If you make a mistake, don't be quick to throw it away. Keep it, and look at it again a few days/weeks later. Sometimes, I'll hate something I made, but with fresh eyes, come to like it a week later. And in some cases, it's the "mistake" that becomes the trademark, the very thing that intrigues.

- When you find that place, so whole and alive, and you choose to act according to it, creating becomes less scary. There is a great sense of freedom. Whether it be found in words, or music, or design, etc. Comparison doesn't feel necessary anymore. The more time you spend in that place, the more courageous you become. And what you create starts to look that way, too.

- Know that what comes from the core of you is unique and important.

I hope these words can give you a little more courage to create. Feel free to e-mail me questions about freelancing, design, or creating in general, and I'll try to answer them somehow in my next (possible) post. x


Anna Higgins said...

This is such a beautiful post, the way you describe the creative process is so poetic.. Which seems just.
I've been admiring your work for a while and as a young artist its reassuring to see people making it, over the years I've been told time and time again that you just can't make it through art - it's too tough. But if I'm honest I don't think they understand how strong my passion for creating is, I can't wait to prove all the haters wrong.

Keep doing your thing, it's both beautiful and inspiring to watch,
Anna xx

Esther said...

Love that I found this post through tumblr! I'm at a cross road- sort of, I'm starting to look for my first job and I'm stuck between whether to go with my head (Communications major) or my heart. I feel so strongly about art and design etc but I'm really unsure where to start- and so I don't really start. I don't exactly love the things I've produced and it makes me feel that I'm not ready for the thing that I love. But I'm also unsure if there will really be a "one day" where I feel comfortable and confident of my work. Thank you for taking time to write this post. :)