Monday, June 16, 2014

April and May: Here's to you, West Coast.








I just spent two months in Vancouver, British Columbia. It wasn't spontaneous, but it wasn't planned either. And I liked it better that way.

Let me back up.

I'm a person of plans, and when things don't go the way I had hoped for, I cringe, and break, and eventually cry. I have a hard time letting go. And more importantly, I have a hard time letting things simply "be".

But I needed a change of scenery. And a challenge.
I wanted to know that I could be okay even in the midst of uncertainty, I wanted to move away from the stable and familiar just so I could depend on the One I cannot see, I wanted to be uncomfortable just so I could grow, I wanted to face the ocean and the mountains and throw my old flesh away.
I wanted to break the routine and breathe all over again. To simply be. Without justifying.

Alongside Gabriela, we faded west. We climbed cliffs and waterfalls, gazed at the sea and sky and its sunsets, and ate a whole lot of donuts. But no matter how beautiful the ocean or how majestic the mountains, it was you who made it worth it. You and you and you and all who we met.
It was the community.
A community of the kindest hearts and the most inviting souls.
You took us in and became home to us. You made it easier - easier to let go, to breathe, and to be.
Your stories and your longings and your creations inspired us.
And for that, I thank you. I thank you for growing with me, for your genuine hearts, for the way you honor and value each other, for your conversations and your generosity.

I've come to realize that this is what matters after all.
Meeting Love in the faces of strangers who then become some of your closest friends,
sharing the things that make you joyous, the struggles that bring you pain, and the future that you dream of; doing life together, this is what makes you come alive.
So, here's to less plans and more surprises, to more being and less doing.
And here's to you, West Coasters. I'll see you soon. x

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