Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the curated house: from a client to a friend

It has already been over five months since I've met Sarah Walker. I remember it being an extremely hot day and, of course, the day I chose to walk. Forty minutes down a street to a local Starbucks, but well worth every second of it.
This was my first meeting with a client I did not know, and was under the pressure of being "professional", but wasn't too sure what that meant, exactly. So, I did what I knew best: be "Melody". I am learning that freelancing allows me to do just that - free to create and to be what and whom I desire. And if people are becoming drawn to what I have to offer, then I must be doing something right, ...right?
Months later and I am still no professional (and won't be for quite some time), but I am realizing something.
There is something quite beautiful that happens when two creatives meet, if you allow it to. On my first meeting with Sarah, our conversation quickly went from design to the beauty of simple things, music, life, dreams, purpose, people, and etc, etc. We were two people with ideas and dreams, longing to collaborate.
There is something so precious in a collaboration. Unlike those group projects we all dread in school (I wasn't the only one, I'm sure...), collaborating allows an idea to become two, four, or maybe even ten times more powerful, and the end result can be unbelievably brilliant.
Do not be afraid of this. When you find the right and suitable people to work with, something incredibly beautiful can grow from it. Sarah has now become a very dear friend of mine, and I cannot wait for the many more first meetings to come that will turn into wonderful partnerships.

I had the great honor of designing Sarah's blog The Curated House, along with her business cards (Thanks Moo for the lovely Luxe printing job).

And check out more about our first collaboration here and here.

Beautifully photographed by Gabriela Hansen

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