Tuesday, August 14, 2012

one time in Montreal.

I took a trip to Montreal a few weeks back with two lovely ladies for a week, and it was nothing but wonderful. We stayed with our dear friend, who welcomed and honoured us, and made us feel at home.

By bus, we arrived in the city in the evening, just in time for Beirut, the show that inspired the trip. It was a night of bright and bold magical sounds, which left us in amazement, and a great start to our adventures.

The week consisted of Old Montreal, Just for Laughs festivities, shrimp linguine night on the balcony, nacho night, photo shoot at the top of Mont Royal (after many stairs), raccoons in trees, churches and statues, the Jean Talon Market, and a beautiful evening of picnics and music with wonderful company.

To me, it is not the beautiful scenery or the food that truly delights me (and don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that very much), but rather it is the people with whom I share the moments with. It is what makes an experience unique and precious.

The memories I hold from this trip are special ones. And I am grateful.
I truly and sincerely am grateful for the community I am surrounded with.
It really is a beautiful thing to be human, isn't it?

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