Tuesday, August 28, 2012

to be and breathe.

I seem to document a lot of my life through the iPhone now. It's just on me most of the time, and seems to be the best way to capture everything I see, and do, and eat, and drink (even when it doesn't even matter one bit). And I post some of these on Instagram at times (@themelodyh).

But this post isn't about a phone, or photographs, or an app.

We have less than a month left of Summer, and all I can do now is look back and say, "Beautiful." Truly. A beautiful Summer spent with the most wonderful people. Not to mention, the sun has not been lacking all season here in Toronto (and for those of you who really do know me, I become cold very quickly).

I've spent the past few weeks just thinking on the concept of growth, and what being in relationship with others should look like.

What does love look like? I'm awaiting the day I see His face.

Is it odd and strange that I find something so precious in the hurting? There's a bit of comfort in knowing that we will never reach full and complete perfection, as long as we're here,
and that that's okay.
We have been accepted nonetheless. We are still worthy to be and breathe.
But we can't escape the wounds that we create in each other. It's a part of being human. We are broken souls hurting broken hearts. And the beauty of this - what I find to be so sweet and precious - is what can happen in the process, if we let it. There is an urge that awakens, the same one that cries, "I can't do it alone" and "I need You". The desire to Know and to die to yourself and be brought back to life (the kind of life that moves you in ways beyond what you could imagine) becomes so strong you can't push it away.
"...My power is made perfect in weakness."

I hope to write more soon. But for now, good morning, good day, and good night.

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Jobin Sam said...

you are so inspiring, Melody.
Thank you for being you