Tuesday, July 17, 2012

create, always.

Balzac's coffee shop in Distillery District, Toronto

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity of working with some fantastic and inspiring people, whom I have the honor of calling them my friends. I had the great priviledge of designing Sarah Walker's blog, The Curated House, not long ago (which I have yet to post about) and since then, we've connected in such a wonderful way.

With photographer Gabriela Hansen, videographer Phil Lindsay, Sarah, and myself, we adventured out to a few different locations to shoot photographs and a couple films, which will be posted on her blog - featuring Anthropologie clothing.

Creating something beautiful awakens the soul, truly.
Create, always.

Looking forward to posting more about this, and revealing what has been created on the span of those 3 days. Stay tuned!

P.S. What great pleasure to finally be able to document all that I do through an iPhone. You can now follow me on instagram at themelodyh.

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