Monday, May 28, 2012

a celebration.

 Photos by Phil Lindsay

Photo by Raymond Salaber

This is how I spent my 22nd celebration of life and it was probably the loveliest one yet. I was surrounded by beautiful souls who inspire me every day and who make my life what it is today, and there is nothing in the world that could replace that.

There is something about community that brings me to awe. To know that relationship is what we were intended for and what each of us longs for, I realize none of us are alone. As cliché as this may be, we are all in this together - learning to be and breathe and love.

I had small cards for each person to write a little message to me, one of encouragement for the new year, and I in return had personalized thank you cards prepared for each friend there. I wanted to give back and honor the people who take part in my life every day, and let them know I am celebrating them, too.

A special thank you to Gabriela for making the wonderful decorations, to Emily for the flowers, to  Raymond for taking all the lovely polaroids, and to Phil for coming all the way from Montreal to take part in this day and for creating this absolute beautiful video. Thank you so dearly.

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Jobin Sam said...

Thank you for being born, Melody. So thankful for your presence and your existence in our lives.
You are full of inspiration, depth and truth. This is just the beginning of everything that's in store for you.
Here's to 22 years more of all that's in store.
Thank you for being you :)
Much much love,
Jobes and Francine