Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012, clearly.

Hello friends, I might have gone quiet for a while, but here I am again.
Already mid-way into January, and the changes have already happened. Big ones.
I am certain that 2012 is a year of surprises, beyond-my-imagination events, and fulfillments - do you not think so too?

What I didn't know is it would happen this quickly.

You see, I have been writing songs and rehearsing with a few other brilliant friends and musicians in the past few months. It feels longer, though.

However, we started just last fall. And since then, everything seems to have taken its place - at a very fast pace. I am still breathing it all in.

It's quite an unreal feeling - to realize that what you are meant to do and who you are meant to be is truly who you are becoming.

It's Tuesday, January 10th, and my first day back in school. It's the second semester, and I'm unsure what to expect, seeing as my mind is almost completely engulfed into sounds and lyrics and drumbeats.
I'm sitting in class, and it just hits me: this isn't my place.
I had been debating this in my head during all of the holiday break. It had become a great battle.

I don't know which side won, but I do know that there are moments when your heart cries out and there is no way to quiet it down. You just simply have to respond.

There is something new growing inside and outside of me - something I want to invest in in this very moment, something I want to take care of and allow to grow in the best way possible - and I've chosen to give this my full attention.


On Tuesday night, I decided to break from school.

A drastic decision you may think, but this is right.
It feels right.

When I feel like it is time again, and the location is right, I will continue my studies in design.
But until then, I will explore and adventure and take risks like never before and see where I am led to.

I am young, and fully alive. The days ahead look like gold, ...really.

There is so much I am looking forward to in these next few weeks. My head and heart can't grasp it all, but I know that it is what I've been waiting for, and it is coming together.

Oh God, You are good. So good. And You walk with me each day, and we take steps together. And You don't abandon me, and I don't forget You.
If I remain in You, You remain in me.

I will write more in the days to come about music and exciting events,
as this will do for now.

OCADU, you have taught me a lot. You have made me realize a lot of different things, and have allowed me to explore what I desire and what I do not desire.
You have also introduced me to some wonderful people I am honored to call 'friend'.

Take risks, they're worth it sometimes. And nothing goes to waste. Nothing.

Goodnight for now,


Anonymous said...

How entirely exciting! So glad to hear all is going well and you're taking big risks even if you can't see the results ahead. Inspiring!

Hudson Chong said...

That feeling when you just "feel right" is truly miraculous. It's so inspiring to see such self confidence to take such big risks. Best of luck!

Samantha said...

Go for it! That's very exciting. Congratulations on knowing what you want. Few do.