Wednesday, December 5, 2012

have a holly jolly christmas

I can't believe Christmas is 20 days away.
But then again, I seem to repeat myself every year. Time is just a strange thing. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to ever get used to it. But nonetheless, I managed to design a Christmas card this year on time. It was originally created for Little Band of Characters, a lovely blog where my cards were featured for a giveaway. I had the great joy of sending one set of 6 cards out to Montreal, and in the process of advertising them, I've sold a few more sets as well.

I've grown to love creating illustrations by hand, and later scanning them. It brings such an organic touch to a very electronic process. And decided to bring the cozy and charming feel of wreaths into these cards, along with a fun greeting line from a Christmas classic we all know so well. Let's not forget the elegant gold touch in the envelopes, because really, what is a holiday season without gold and glitter?

At the moment, my Etsy shop is unavailable. I am freshening up my name/shop/website so I can launch something brand new and exciting in the new year. So, stay tuned! In the meantime, you can email me at for any requests, comments, or to say 'hello'.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the curated house: from a client to a friend

It has already been over five months since I've met Sarah Walker. I remember it being an extremely hot day and, of course, the day I chose to walk. Forty minutes down a street to a local Starbucks, but well worth every second of it.
This was my first meeting with a client I did not know, and was under the pressure of being "professional", but wasn't too sure what that meant, exactly. So, I did what I knew best: be "Melody". I am learning that freelancing allows me to do just that - free to create and to be what and whom I desire. And if people are becoming drawn to what I have to offer, then I must be doing something right, ...right?
Months later and I am still no professional (and won't be for quite some time), but I am realizing something.
There is something quite beautiful that happens when two creatives meet, if you allow it to. On my first meeting with Sarah, our conversation quickly went from design to the beauty of simple things, music, life, dreams, purpose, people, and etc, etc. We were two people with ideas and dreams, longing to collaborate.
There is something so precious in a collaboration. Unlike those group projects we all dread in school (I wasn't the only one, I'm sure...), collaborating allows an idea to become two, four, or maybe even ten times more powerful, and the end result can be unbelievably brilliant.
Do not be afraid of this. When you find the right and suitable people to work with, something incredibly beautiful can grow from it. Sarah has now become a very dear friend of mine, and I cannot wait for the many more first meetings to come that will turn into wonderful partnerships.

I had the great honor of designing Sarah's blog The Curated House, along with her business cards (Thanks Moo for the lovely Luxe printing job).

And check out more about our first collaboration here and here.

Beautifully photographed by Gabriela Hansen

Thursday, September 13, 2012

summer's end.

A video of beauty, inspiration, and delight.

Created a few months back with dear friends, enjoy this visual sweetness as the summer comes to an end. I do hope you've enjoyed this season as much as I did. The greatest moments are spent with the people you love, and I can truly say this has been a season of beautiful moments. From a birthday picnic, to lovely visits in Montreal, to creating beautiful things with beautiful people, my heart is satisfied.

Featuring Sarah Walker, Gabriela Hansen, and myself for The Curated House, filmed and edited by Phil Lindsay, this is An Ode to the Summer Picnic.

A special thank you to Anthropologie for the inspiration, and for the products. You can also find the recipes to the picnic food on The Curated House.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

to be and breathe.

I seem to document a lot of my life through the iPhone now. It's just on me most of the time, and seems to be the best way to capture everything I see, and do, and eat, and drink (even when it doesn't even matter one bit). And I post some of these on Instagram at times (@themelodyh).

But this post isn't about a phone, or photographs, or an app.

We have less than a month left of Summer, and all I can do now is look back and say, "Beautiful." Truly. A beautiful Summer spent with the most wonderful people. Not to mention, the sun has not been lacking all season here in Toronto (and for those of you who really do know me, I become cold very quickly).

I've spent the past few weeks just thinking on the concept of growth, and what being in relationship with others should look like.

What does love look like? I'm awaiting the day I see His face.

Is it odd and strange that I find something so precious in the hurting? There's a bit of comfort in knowing that we will never reach full and complete perfection, as long as we're here,
and that that's okay.
We have been accepted nonetheless. We are still worthy to be and breathe.
But we can't escape the wounds that we create in each other. It's a part of being human. We are broken souls hurting broken hearts. And the beauty of this - what I find to be so sweet and precious - is what can happen in the process, if we let it. There is an urge that awakens, the same one that cries, "I can't do it alone" and "I need You". The desire to Know and to die to yourself and be brought back to life (the kind of life that moves you in ways beyond what you could imagine) becomes so strong you can't push it away.
"...My power is made perfect in weakness."

I hope to write more soon. But for now, good morning, good day, and good night.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

one time in Montreal.

I took a trip to Montreal a few weeks back with two lovely ladies for a week, and it was nothing but wonderful. We stayed with our dear friend, who welcomed and honoured us, and made us feel at home.

By bus, we arrived in the city in the evening, just in time for Beirut, the show that inspired the trip. It was a night of bright and bold magical sounds, which left us in amazement, and a great start to our adventures.

The week consisted of Old Montreal, Just for Laughs festivities, shrimp linguine night on the balcony, nacho night, photo shoot at the top of Mont Royal (after many stairs), raccoons in trees, churches and statues, the Jean Talon Market, and a beautiful evening of picnics and music with wonderful company.

To me, it is not the beautiful scenery or the food that truly delights me (and don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that very much), but rather it is the people with whom I share the moments with. It is what makes an experience unique and precious.

The memories I hold from this trip are special ones. And I am grateful.
I truly and sincerely am grateful for the community I am surrounded with.
It really is a beautiful thing to be human, isn't it?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

create, always.

Balzac's coffee shop in Distillery District, Toronto

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity of working with some fantastic and inspiring people, whom I have the honor of calling them my friends. I had the great priviledge of designing Sarah Walker's blog, The Curated House, not long ago (which I have yet to post about) and since then, we've connected in such a wonderful way.

With photographer Gabriela Hansen, videographer Phil Lindsay, Sarah, and myself, we adventured out to a few different locations to shoot photographs and a couple films, which will be posted on her blog - featuring Anthropologie clothing.

Creating something beautiful awakens the soul, truly.
Create, always.

Looking forward to posting more about this, and revealing what has been created on the span of those 3 days. Stay tuned!

P.S. What great pleasure to finally be able to document all that I do through an iPhone. You can now follow me on instagram at themelodyh.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

to the country we go.

If you drive for a good 20 minutes on the street by my house, you find yourself surrounded by farm land, cows, hills, and fields. It's quite a lovely truth to know this is so close, and that there is so much yet to discover.

I accompanied my sister and a few friends on a photo shoot, and for lunch, we stopped at the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery in Caledon. We shared delicious sandwiches, tasted local apple cider, and explored the beauty of the store. And to finish off, we sat on the porch with our bakery purchases and ate them in delight.

Everything was wonderful, and I am grateful for days like these. I am grateful for the friendships that surround me, and for these road trips, for the sunshine and these fields. I am grateful.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

oak & honey

I designed these cards a while ago, and thought it'd be nice to show them to you now.

Oak & Honey Photography is a lovely little partnership business based in the Toronto area led by two wonderful ladies, Gabriela and Stine. Their photographs reflect life, beauty, and sophistication. And they always seem to bring a refreshing unique touch to each of their work.
Not to mention they are a delight to be around!

Please do check out their blog here, or their Facebook page.
And if you are looking for engagement, wedding, or event photographers, I recommend contacting them here.

Monday, June 25, 2012


A "weekend getaway" we called it (but a weekend up north consisting of kids, food, and sleep is all it was).

3 days, 4 ladies in a tiny cabin by the lake, 27 children to take care of, and too much food.

I shared a little house with some of my favorite people, and it wasn't difficult to enjoy every moment of the day, despite our tired states. I am grateful for them in my life, and am most definitely looking forward to the coming getaways of this summer.
It is set to be a wonderful one.

Spend it with the ones who matter the most. Invest your time in the people who are most important to you. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lovely days

This seems to sum up my week or two quite well.

There's a new self-serve frozen yoghurt place by my house, and I seem to be drawn there quite often. The coconut and mango flavours always seem to end up in my cup. Refreshing, really, and recommended!

I've been drinking many matcha green tea drinks lately, hot and iced. Those have been nice, also. I used to think they were strange (by the color, of course...I mean, that green!) but have quickly adapted and now seem to be craving for some all the time.

There's something quite wonderful about sharing lovely treats like these with friends. It makes for lovely days, indeed.