Saturday, November 5, 2011

growing, and growing.

there's still much life within me today - november 4, 2011.
the months have been busy, and you can say that this is good.
but i miss typing out my thoughts on a screen, and reading them again afterward,
i find that helps me to understand better.

how are you? whoever you may be.
you've been walking along my side in this journey of my life for quite some time now, and
it would only be expected that i update you on what is in my heart and mind these days.

second school year has had its ups and downs so far.
a lot of questions, and discouragement, and "this sucks".
and with that came encouragement.
so you can imagine the war within; the light and the heavy fighting for their place.

it's been especially hard when there is music on my mind, too. so much gold is growing out of that soil.
our band has grown, and the songs are coming to life, and the words are maturing.
and the road already looks so very exciting that i cannot imagine what will come next.
the beautiful thing, though, is even in the midst of school projects and drafts, there is time.
time for the music creation. time for the brainstorming. time for the songwriting.
i'm so blessed for this. and in awe. God is faithful. God is good.

my friendships are deepening. and i know that "perfection" is not-so-existent among us humans,
but i really don't think the people in my life could be any more perfect.
we speak words of encouragement over ourselves, share new thoughts and ideas and beauty,
we offer refreshment to each other's spirits and rest for our tired souls.
it's really a beautiful process - this thing called community.

the months have been quick, but i feel many changes have taken place within me.
i'm growing, and learning, and learning, and growing.
my name, as silly as it sounds, is making more and more sense to me,
and in return, i'm understanding who i am.
even my writing style has evolved (or at least i believe so).
the days are changing, and there is joy in my heart.

not to mention, when you wake up in the morning, inside of love,
there is really nothing else to compare to it.

the holidays, i can smell them. and even though the cold has me cringing,
there is something about the cold, the wood fire smells, the hot chocolates, and the warm sweaters
that has you falling in love.

good night to you. and more to be written soon.

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