Friday, May 27, 2011

He speaks.

i was at a bible study last night, and the question was raised:
"how do i hear God? how do i know it's him?"

it had me thinking.
we all need direction. we all need to know that where we are going is "right."
we all need the confirmation that what we are doing is correct,
that our choice was the "right" one.

i believe it's in all of us to long for approval.
like a child always makes sure his father is smiling at him;
like a student always asks her teacher if her assignment is right.

what is the right
way to hear God?
is there one?
or is God more creative than that...

i responded to his question like this:
talk to God like you would with a best friend,
or a wife,
or a husband.
envision him beside you, in front of you, there in the room with you.
give him a face, give him two eyes, and a smile.
imagine it to be a conversation over coffee, or in the kitchen or a sleepover.
you speak.
he listens.
you wait.
he responds.
and often we expect words we can hear,
or dreams.
but sometimes, he chooses to smile,
and tells you to wait.
because there are times when his responses are not understood
until it is time for them to be understood.
and so he waits
until he knows we are ready to hear them.
and in order to recognize his voice, we just have to speak to him...
trusting he is always listening.
always caring.
always attentive.
and knowing he is in the room
with those eyes
and that smile.

and soon, his voice will have sound -
a sound you will love and recognize -
different from the voice of your own thoughts.

and there will be peace.
(make sure there is peace)

you will know you've heard him
when you smile back.

you will know it's him
when he speaks to you
in your own style.

like best friends would.

God is creative. not limited to something we may have called
or "wrong."

when he speaks,
we'll just

be still,
and know

if you are feeling distant from him,
or struggling to hear him,
be reminded that he always speaks,
but not always in words.

be encouraged.


1 comment:

That girl, Nikki B said...

This is really lovely, Melody - I find it especially poignant because I often struggle with wondering, Was it God telling me that, or me making up what I wanted to hear? How do I know if it was Him? So, a) it's cool to know I'm not the only one who asks that, and b) I love your style. Lots. Reminds me of me.

Thanks <3