Thursday, May 19, 2011

all is meaningless?

there are days - or maybe minutes - when things don't make much sense.
when life just seems like a ridiculous concept.
when what was clear is just blurry.
as if i went blind for a moment.

it's the strangest feeling.
to feel completely lost -
but only for an instant.

i don't like feeling like everything is meaningless.
it's like feeling Emptiness himself.

but what if it all were without meaning?
everything we strive for,
everything we desire,
every dream,
every tear,
every moment we're afraid,
and every moment we're in love.

what if in the end all that matters is one thing
and one thing only?

i carry many dreams with me
and sometimes, my heart becomes overwhelmed by them.

i wonder if we get too caught up with being important and making an impact
that we forget to breathe.
that we forget that love is simple.
that we forget to be. and to give.
i forget.

even though He is complex, He is simple.
God is simple.

and we've made Him complicated.
well, at least i have.

i know that my life matters,
and you matter too.

but maybe the idea that there is more to life is not
to add more pressure
but rather relieve us.

because maybe the "more" in life
is simply the "less."


1 comment:

alexzarecki said...

and so to become "less and less" ...
& i forget, too.
if we're all honest, I think we all do

I'd say, sometimes we need a moment of blur and surrender. It's a sign of motion, that we're going someplace.
Thanks for the helpful pondering :-)