Tuesday, May 3, 2011


it's that time of the year: looking-back-on-life-because-the-next-day-is-a-new-year-of-life-also-known-as-my-birthday time of the year.

i tend to become very nostalgic on the days before my birthday,
but tonight i am hopeful.

i am hopeful because what this new year of life will bring is beyond what i can imagine.
i am hopeful because i still have so much life to live.

what God has already done with me all these years i cannot even describe.
it is freedom, joy, peace, experiences, new friends.

it is love beyond what i thought it could be.

i have met so many people already - whether it be back home in switzerland, or florida, or montreal. or toronto. or anywhere else in the world.

i am beyond amazed by you who are a part of my life.
you inspire me.

i have learned so much so far, and cannot wait for what i will learn this new year.
there is so much ahead, and i can see it. i can see my dreams before me.

so as i enter into this 22nd year, having lived 21 years already, i'm overly excited for what is to come ahead.
and i thank you for taking part in my journey. you are wonderful beyond compare.
i love you all.

- melody.