Saturday, December 25, 2010

a merry christmas.

december 25th.

the day many of us look forward to the most,
and for some, it is the worst day of the year.

i wonder if Jesus knew that his very birth would become...this.

a day of pine trees, wrapped boxes, rushes to the mall, songs of santa's and reindeers, and tacky sweater parties.

let us not forget the eggnog, gingerbread houses, and the turkey.

...i wonder if on that very night, God dreamt of this December 25th.
i wonder...

i'm sitting here, and it is 12:03 am.
so, i guess Christmas is over.


that's it. that's all. it's done.


on that one night, something happened -
that changed the world.
that changed hearts.
that changed minds.
that changed history.
that changed life;
the beginning of new life.

it was quiet and peaceful.
and yet, the heavens and hells were shaking.

he opened his eyes, and breathed as a baby for the first time.
and in that moment, Love was now a part of us.
it was no longer unknown and unseen;
it now had a face.
Love had come down to be with us.


the angels spoke of his arrival.
the stars celebrated.

that night - the night a King was born,
without a home,
already wanted - to be killed,
alive just to die...

that night,
Love was among them.

and Love still is.

so, are you still excited over santa claus and gingerbread houses?

or would you perhaps rather celebrate Love among us,
and with those around us?

perhaps, Love is what will make our hearts joyous
and glad?

and so perhaps, even if today you were to be alone living the worst day of the year,
your joy would be complete - knowing Love came down tonight...


God with us.
Love with us.
...for God is love.

God is love...


see, Jesus didn't become like us on that night,
he already was - before creating us.
as you see, he created us in his image;
in the way he was.

but he accepted and chose to take part in our mess,
become human from the beginning,
go through the fears and the temptations,
and no longer be 100% by his Daddy's side.

just so we no longer need to be alone.
just so we finally see what Love looks like.
just so we finally have Love among us.

december 25th. a reminder to us that Love matters.
and that we are not alone.

it's not over.

it's simply a reminder,
of that one night
that changed the world.

"God sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but to save the world." - John 3:17

and a merry christmas to you all,

with much love,

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