Wednesday, October 6, 2010

just for now.

oh how wonderful it feels to be back here in words.

there is so much to say, and yet i don't really know where to start.
i've started school at ocad university, and it's been a delight - truly.
i love the classes, the people, and just the environment.
it's quite the workload, thus why these blog posts have been in lack.

despite school, life is interesting - well more like exciting.

i am reminded over and over again to work on my own music.
i really should.
and i will.

God's just been blowing me away with the responses and connections he link me to.
now, i just need to receive and run for it.

i can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be known.
i mean, that's just crazy.

and yet, i have that potential.
it's just a matter of spitting it out.

i also feel that i'm slowly walking into a completely new place in life.
i don't know if my heart is ready for what is ahead...but i truly desire this.
i want this.
i want this so much.
desiring to belong to someone can be such a scary thought.
i don't know what to expect, and i find that i haven't found myself in fear yet (a good thing, yes!) but it's difficult.
oh, so difficult.

i kind of wished this were different.
just a little though.

...God, i am so trusting You on this one.
most definitely not something i want to tackle on my own.

...anyways, my fellow friends, the bed is calling my name.
i am hoping to write more.
perhaps with a little more excitement next time.

have a good night.

- melody.

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