Monday, August 9, 2010

the stars are shining tonight.

i wish i knew what the next 6 months looked like.
i wish it were easier to be with you.
i wish i could see through you.
i wish i could see right from wrong like black and white.
i wish every girl would know their identity. in Him.
i wish every boy would know how important they are.
i wish i could do everything i want to at once. with variations of me.
i wish everything i've always wanted to tell the world would be said.
i wish it were easier to show Him to you.
and i wish you'd see Him like i do.
sometimes, i think back and cannot believe the person i used to be.
and wonder how such mess got into me.
i want to be more perserverant, but sometimes get too lazy
and that frustrates me more than anything.
i wish i would complete things more.
i wonder what made me believe you valued me.
i wish you knew just how amazing you are,
but i guess the time isn't right yet.
i want to believe i feel Him all the time,
but truth be told i am human and sometimes forget Him.
it breaks me to think so.
sometimes, i wish i was a child again. and time would stay still.
just know i'll wait as long as it takes for you.
i just needed to do this.
as tonight is a night of thoughts.
and this is my home.
for thoughts.

please don't ever let go...

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