Monday, July 26, 2010

"don't forget to dream"

i'm having a moment that my heart has truly been crying out for - for quite some time now.

there will always be things, thoughts, passions that are going to bring your heart to life.
whether through tears, dreams, day-dreams, or an undeniable pull - something will bring you to life. and in that moment, you will feel like everything is possible. like your biggest and craziest desires can and will come through.
and that, i believe, is the way we were intended to be - fully alive.

i grew up with big dreams. dreams of taking on the stage, dreams of becoming an inspiration, or dreams of bringing hope where all hope is lost. i want to be bigger than myself.
and the only one who can live through me, greater than me, is He. my wonderful rescuer.
...and i can't even grasp this truth, that these dreams of mine have always been His, and because they are His, they are truth. making these dreams tangible; real.
my dreams are real. ...
they are truth.
they are possible.
they can happen.
my dreams are real and possible.

...i can't grasp that. it's just bigger than me.
and it makes the journey all that more exciting!

tonight, i was watching a (super good) show and my heart re-awakened.
all my dreams, my visions, the words spoken to me, my inspirations, my desires, my passions came running full speed directly back to me. and i couldn't help but be overwhelmed.

it was one of those moments where it all made sense. where i could see beyond myself and be in awe of what my future days could look like. where my heart had a reason once again. a reason to be.
i don't want to lose this. i don't want to lose this perspective. this undeniable pull. this reason to be. i want to run after this with all of me. and break all the walls.
and the best part? it's already been prepared for me.

all i am to do is trust. walk with my hand in His and know that He is good. and that our hearts beat to the same rhythm. and that together, God and i - we will be okay. more than okay.
and we will change the world together.
and i will be alive.
alive, is where i want to be.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde.

don't forget to dream. and know that they can be real. if you allow them to be.

- melody.

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