Saturday, July 3, 2010

"because you have considered my life precious..."

i'm in a mood to write, as i have been reading over essays from high school.
sometimes, i find myself unable to recognize my own writing; i feel like i'm reading someone else's work.
it's a weird thing.

so, in my previous post, i wanted to mention something about seeing people in a different way, but i thought it'd be a much better plan if i left the topic for its own post.
...and its own post it has indeed!

i am attempting to go through the old testament in its entirety.
and to be honest, it's one of the most fun things to read.
so many adventures, miracles, inspirational examples, and passion.
it's most definitely refreshing and encouraging. (i recommend it)

lately, i've been reading the Samuels - Samuel, David, Saul, etc...
and David's story with Saul just blows my mind.

Saul is the king attempting to kill David.
David finds Saul in his sleep.
his opportunity to kill Saul and protect himself is right before him.
his men are ready to attack.

yet, David commands them not to.
and says these words, "don't destroy him! who can lay a hand on the Lord's anointed and be guiltless?..." (1 sam:9)
argh - this wrecks me all the time...
anointed?! David can still see Saul as an antointed man, even though he has disobeyed God and followed his own path - not to mention, hates David and wants to destroy him.
...that's most definitely strength.

reading this made me think.
we're so quick to point out the smallest faults in others; sometimes, we even wait for the fault to come out, just to say "HA, see!?"
i'm so guilty of this. ...but am working on it! greatly working on it.
David not only did this once, but twice.
and both times, let Saul go.

there's something about seeing people in such a "golden" way...
there's something about seeing the "anointed" in a thief. in a robber. in a murderer.
there's something about seeing the "anointed" in our friends and family.
there's something about seeing the "precious" in the broken, in the failures, in the liar.

...David might not have transformed Saul's life out of his action...
...and many times, we won't either.

but there's something about seeing the "precious", the "anointed" that transforms us instead.
it's being able to find the diamond in the dirt, the beauty in the mess, the truth among the lies that will bring us a sense of freedom. and perhaps, a sense of purpose.
it's being able to see someone guilty of mistake and say, "you're golden".
it's being able to see a liar, and say, "there is truth in you."
it's being able to see a Saul, and say, "you're anointed."

i am learning this process - the process of seeing people through God's eyes.
it's bringing my heart to a whole new lightness, and through seeing others' worth, it's speaking worth into my own life.

...and the only way David was able to let Saul go - twice - was with Love. the ultimate Love.
the Love that never fails. the Love that conquers all fears. the Love that compares to no other.

...and the only way we'll see the beauty in the ashes is with Love.
such Love, there is no greater...

all there is left to ask now: can i have more of Your love, God?

you're golden.


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