Wednesday, June 30, 2010

something new is stirring. and i like it.

i'd like to start by saying it is almost that crazy or what?!
i'm actually embracing the speed of our time, with acceptance and joy.
i like the idea of always expecting something great, each day.
...i suppose being in constant expectation is a step into being fully alive...

the past few weeks, i've had much time to think about living, about relationships, about people and the way to see them, and about my heart.
it's actually been really refreshing.

...or so i think.

no but really.
God's just been blowing my mind with new and fresh revelation, and with being in a new house, it's almost as if the physical is a reflection of what is happening in the spiritual.

with heart traits coming to the surface these days, i am finding myself letting go of many beliefs i had, standards, "rules", and judgements - leading to my heart feeling much lighter! actually.
...and i am liking it...i'm liking this lightness. this peace. this feeling that it's right.
along with this freeing of my own heaviness, i'm finding myself freeing someone else - from myself.
...something i should've done years ago...

"the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace...against such things there is no law."
i never truly paid attention to that last bit, until i walked into my basement and the verse was on the wall in large letters and i stood there, staring and reading.
it is then that it hit me: there is no law.

has no law.
no rules.
has no limits.
no law.

it is then that it made sense. ahhhhh!
just as i was being worked on for my 'rules', i come to finally understand why...
ugh - so good, Daddy.

with this freedom and lightness, i am introduced to new living. going about a day at a time, leaving the rest to the One who knows best. i shall trust him, as He has taken care of me so far so well.
and this he is doing. just as the old is being removed - taken away - there is new growth - good fruit is blooming.
and i could not be any more excited of where He is taking me and how he will do it...
i love his surprises; they are exactly what my heart desires (even when i didn't know).
so God, thank you.

as i close this tonight, i want you to know your deepest heart's desires are carefully known by the Creator - and he most definitely does not forget.
much is ahead...

- melody.

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