Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"...and (when) the light is difficult to see - He stands..."

oh, where has time gone?
first day of june, and i am already without words (and it is then that i decide to blog, ironic, right?)
it's just...it's been too long, and this is the perfect night to write.

the past few weeks, i've had thoughts in my head, but just didn't know how to write them out or how to express them.
so, i decided to keep them to myself.

now, i feel the words are wanting to come out.
and i will let them.

it's even hard for me to comprehend where life is going at the moment; things can change so quickly.

i feel like i am watching my life moving forward and forward from afar - amazed at how beautiful it is turning out...
like the things i thought to be impossible but still prayed for are actually coming through -
leaving me speechless.

it's one of those seasons where God tells me things and i still slightly don't believe him and panic and yet, he makes those things happen, saying 'daughter, oh daughter....you make me smile...i told you...'
He's opened doors, is bringing restoration in wounds, is showing me the beauty out of the dust and the mess - and that - is amazing me...

i have no words for him. he is just perfect in what he does.

just when everything seems undone, when things are burning to the ground and hearts are as low as low can be; just when hope seems so distant, and the light is difficult to see - He stands...

...with you. and things begin to brighten up again...

with Him, all comfort, all provision, all restoration, all love and hope is found.
...and i couldn't ask for a better Lover...

goodnight, readers. keep perservering - it will pay off.

- melody.

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