Thursday, March 25, 2010

let's go to places never seen before!

well hello again, my dear friends.
it has been quite a while since i have seriously written/blogged.

but do not fear, for i am still in desire to write.

i've been wanting to express a very small part of my heart on the subject of 'creativity'.
i started thinking about this when i was visiting OCAD - ontario college of art and design.

creativity, according to the dictionary, is
the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form.
or more simply the power or ability to invent.


the more i think about this definition, the more i'm faced with these questions:
doesn't that include all of us?
why has creativity been turned into such a complicated, abstract "trait"?
could we have possibly damaged the purity of creativity?

i know. i'm quite a thinker. but i couldn't help but wonder.
if creativity is simply the ability to invent; to create, doesn't that mean that every time someone creates something from scratch...there is creativity within?

what boggles my mind (if boggle is even a proper word) is the way the world is dealing with creativity. the way we've labelled certain people 'creative' and others more 'intellectuals'.

the way we've separated the 'artsy' and...the 'non-artsy'. the 'crazy' and the 'normals'.

when really, we have all created at least once in our lives. we have all found a solution to a problem at least once in our lives. we have all imagined forms and objects out of the norm at least once in our lives.

and that, my friends, is creativity.
within every single one of us lives creativity.

the best part? well...
that creativity is alive.

God has created man and woman in his image - putting his traits inside of us. making us a reflection of him - inside and out. He created. and therefore,
we create.
and therefore, the Creator himself is within us.
and therefore, his creativity is a part of us
all. a part of us all.


i am actually, in this moment, carrying the creator himself within me.
the same creativity that created the stars, the delicate trees, and the transparency of water is a part of me. and you. and you. and you.

of course, it's an overwhelming creativity. so, it takes process to discover.
it takes time to reveal itself to us.
it takes desire to know more.
it takes pursuit.
...and we will probably never fully know the power and immensity of this creativity until face to face with the Creator himself.
and even then...

so, take the time to imagine. imagine and dream. and just know, that your dreams and imagination are real. are possible. it's just a matter of spending time with the Creator himself; asking him questions, asking him for advice, for tips (haha! yes, why not?), for ideas and inspiration.

and...well...go out there and create! create whatever your mind can come up with.
don't be afraid! every single one of us holds this creativity.
it is not only left for certain people. it's within us all.
whether at an 'art school' or a univeristy, you are free to create. free to invent something no one else has ever made before. free to paint the heaven in your mind. free to build the home of your dreams. free to sing the melodies of your heart.

you are free.
to create.
to invent.
to dream.
to imagine.

there are no limitations to creativity.'s time for you to go to places you have never been to before...

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