Thursday, March 11, 2010

LET'S BE HONEST: answer set 2.1

Question #2: what is the hardest part when it comes to Love?
"When it dies, its hard to let go"

"Finding it."

"The hardest part when it comes to love is trusting the person to not break your heart."

"having patience and the strength to go threw tough times and face lifes many obstacles together."

"Letting go...? Hah"

"Learning that it's not about you. Most of us are crippled by that."

"if you're talking love as in the love of God, I'd say keeping the candle burning. I mean, we all have a passion for love, but to keep it burning is another thing. it's commitment, and something you have to do daily or else you lose that commitment and slowly fall into a mindset you don't want. When it comes to relationships, I'd say the hard part is having patience to find the guy/girl tailored for you."


Donna said...

this is so cool! did you interview people? I like hearing the different answers

melody, is her name. said...

donna - they were asked over, a site where questions can be asked to anyone with an account. i want to, in the future though, create actual videos with actual interviews!