Saturday, March 6, 2010

broken hearts and a messy community.

i wanted to write about creativity, but i really feel like my heart has something else in mind.

this past week has just been a strange week.

everytime i think about community and relationships, i am reminded of Where The Wild Things Are.
weird, i know.
but it's true!

the movie shows a family of 'wild things' trying to be happy together; it just gets messy, difficult, and...well,...wild.
but in the end, they are still a family; they are still a community.'s just that alone, things are simple. when someone else comes into the picture, things can get a little harder - a little messier.

life would be incredibly easy if every single one of us lived in a box and never left it.
it would also be incredibly boring.

i find it so beautiful how God created us FOR community. he could have created us with a heart only desiring nothing but ourselves. but he didn't.
he put in us a desire to be with other people.
and even Him, himself - the all-powerful, the all-knowing - has a passion and desire to be with us. ....argh.

sharing bits and pieces of our hearts with other people can lead to a lot of brokeness. it's a risk.
they can take your bits and pieces and make a joke of them. they can twist them around and break them.
and you're left hurt; wounded.

i've come to realize that we are all hurting. we all carry a broken heart.
we all need fixing. we all need healing.
and when two people argue, two people fight, two people hurt, two people steal, two people hit, two people kill - there are two broken hearts.

so, i guess, what my point is...let's try and honor each other's hearts and really love.
it's by waiting, by embracing, by sincerety, by encouragement, by understanding, by being hopeful, by seeing the gold in the pile of dust, and it's by pursuing the True Lover that our hearts will become braver, stronger, and more loving.


ps. this is totally God. without knowing, i get this super challenging yet hopeful question on formspring about broken hearts; check it out:

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