Thursday, March 25, 2010

let's go to places never seen before!

well hello again, my dear friends.
it has been quite a while since i have seriously written/blogged.

but do not fear, for i am still in desire to write.

i've been wanting to express a very small part of my heart on the subject of 'creativity'.
i started thinking about this when i was visiting OCAD - ontario college of art and design.

creativity, according to the dictionary, is
the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form.
or more simply the power or ability to invent.


the more i think about this definition, the more i'm faced with these questions:
doesn't that include all of us?
why has creativity been turned into such a complicated, abstract "trait"?
could we have possibly damaged the purity of creativity?

i know. i'm quite a thinker. but i couldn't help but wonder.
if creativity is simply the ability to invent; to create, doesn't that mean that every time someone creates something from scratch...there is creativity within?

what boggles my mind (if boggle is even a proper word) is the way the world is dealing with creativity. the way we've labelled certain people 'creative' and others more 'intellectuals'.

the way we've separated the 'artsy' and...the 'non-artsy'. the 'crazy' and the 'normals'.

when really, we have all created at least once in our lives. we have all found a solution to a problem at least once in our lives. we have all imagined forms and objects out of the norm at least once in our lives.

and that, my friends, is creativity.
within every single one of us lives creativity.

the best part? well...
that creativity is alive.

God has created man and woman in his image - putting his traits inside of us. making us a reflection of him - inside and out. He created. and therefore,
we create.
and therefore, the Creator himself is within us.
and therefore, his creativity is a part of us
all. a part of us all.


i am actually, in this moment, carrying the creator himself within me.
the same creativity that created the stars, the delicate trees, and the transparency of water is a part of me. and you. and you. and you.

of course, it's an overwhelming creativity. so, it takes process to discover.
it takes time to reveal itself to us.
it takes desire to know more.
it takes pursuit.
...and we will probably never fully know the power and immensity of this creativity until face to face with the Creator himself.
and even then...

so, take the time to imagine. imagine and dream. and just know, that your dreams and imagination are real. are possible. it's just a matter of spending time with the Creator himself; asking him questions, asking him for advice, for tips (haha! yes, why not?), for ideas and inspiration.

and...well...go out there and create! create whatever your mind can come up with.
don't be afraid! every single one of us holds this creativity.
it is not only left for certain people. it's within us all.
whether at an 'art school' or a univeristy, you are free to create. free to invent something no one else has ever made before. free to paint the heaven in your mind. free to build the home of your dreams. free to sing the melodies of your heart.

you are free.
to create.
to invent.
to dream.
to imagine.

there are no limitations to creativity.'s time for you to go to places you have never been to before...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LET'S BE HONEST: answer set 2.2

Question #2: what is the hardest part when it comes to Love?

"the hardest part when it comes to love....that really depends on yourself."

"I think Love should be the easiest thing to do. God is love and he created us to love. But yet there are those people we just don't like. I think we all struggle with that. I always ask God how he sees people and i try to look at it from his perspective. But it's sometimes super hard. 1 Corinthians 13:4 is a great description of love. We were all created to love and be loved!"

"I guess it would be finding it?"

"Good one! For me, having never been in a serious, romantic relationship before, my concept of love comes from the relationship I have with God. For that... I think the hardest part is maintaining it. I can go to a great conference or worship service and get amazing, new revelation from God and be all ecstatic and loving him... and then a week later I'm suddenly too busy to include him in my day. But what keeps astounding me is his grace and love for me. He has never once judged me for getting caught up in life or walking away or making excuses not to hang out with him or anything! And with the amount of love that he keeps showing he has for me, it makes it easier to keep coming back to his heart. And it makes we WANT to be all the more closer to him, and for longer periods of time. So my conclusion is that the hardest thing about love for me personally, is impermanent. And the love itself is too strong to be held down by simply losing motivation. I find that encouraging: to know we can overcome the hardest part!"

"I have no clue yet... but I will find out soon"

"Finding it? hahaha Whatever kind of love it is the hardest thing to do is have faith in the other person and without some form of faith you really can't have love right?"

"The sacrifice it takes to true give yourself to someone. But that being said it's also the most rewarding part of love!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LET'S BE HONEST: answer set 2.1

Question #2: what is the hardest part when it comes to Love?
"When it dies, its hard to let go"

"Finding it."

"The hardest part when it comes to love is trusting the person to not break your heart."

"having patience and the strength to go threw tough times and face lifes many obstacles together."

"Letting go...? Hah"

"Learning that it's not about you. Most of us are crippled by that."

"if you're talking love as in the love of God, I'd say keeping the candle burning. I mean, we all have a passion for love, but to keep it burning is another thing. it's commitment, and something you have to do daily or else you lose that commitment and slowly fall into a mindset you don't want. When it comes to relationships, I'd say the hard part is having patience to find the guy/girl tailored for you."

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Question #2: what is the hardest part when it comes to Love?

i'm excited about this one.

broken hearts and a messy community.

i wanted to write about creativity, but i really feel like my heart has something else in mind.

this past week has just been a strange week.

everytime i think about community and relationships, i am reminded of Where The Wild Things Are.
weird, i know.
but it's true!

the movie shows a family of 'wild things' trying to be happy together; it just gets messy, difficult, and...well,...wild.
but in the end, they are still a family; they are still a community.'s just that alone, things are simple. when someone else comes into the picture, things can get a little harder - a little messier.

life would be incredibly easy if every single one of us lived in a box and never left it.
it would also be incredibly boring.

i find it so beautiful how God created us FOR community. he could have created us with a heart only desiring nothing but ourselves. but he didn't.
he put in us a desire to be with other people.
and even Him, himself - the all-powerful, the all-knowing - has a passion and desire to be with us. ....argh.

sharing bits and pieces of our hearts with other people can lead to a lot of brokeness. it's a risk.
they can take your bits and pieces and make a joke of them. they can twist them around and break them.
and you're left hurt; wounded.

i've come to realize that we are all hurting. we all carry a broken heart.
we all need fixing. we all need healing.
and when two people argue, two people fight, two people hurt, two people steal, two people hit, two people kill - there are two broken hearts.

so, i guess, what my point is...let's try and honor each other's hearts and really love.
it's by waiting, by embracing, by sincerety, by encouragement, by understanding, by being hopeful, by seeing the gold in the pile of dust, and it's by pursuing the True Lover that our hearts will become braver, stronger, and more loving.


ps. this is totally God. without knowing, i get this super challenging yet hopeful question on formspring about broken hearts; check it out:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LET'S BE HONEST: answer set 2.

Question: if you could absolutely anything in the world, what would that thing be?

"I guess enough money to pay off all my bills and live comfortably."

"ahh, too much"

"Kindergarten Teacher"
"hmmm....not sure I really would love to record a cd or maybe go to the oscars. Not sure there are so many things I would love to do."