Sunday, February 28, 2010

LET'S BE HONEST: answer set 1.

Question: if you could absolutely anything in the world, what would that thing be?

"i'm probably going to answer this in parts so here goes:
Start fresh. It says in the Bible that if we believe in Jesus, and if we ask for forgiveness, we will be forgiven and our sins will be forgotten. I'm far from perfect so my faith in Christ... that really gives me everything I need.
Haha, but that doesn't answer the question so much so...that thing would be doing something where I would be serving God full-time and getting married and possibly moving to Australia. I'd love to travel and be able to serve through music, showing God's Love to the people in the world, that's what I could do."

"I'm really not sure fly? maybe idk well hmm yeah i dont know"

"In which case it's to buy a veggie van and live on the road, trusting God for my everything (food, shelter, protection) playing some music along the way would be awesome. Finding ways to help out however small they may be. :) Why... we'll it may not be glamourous but i'm positive i'll get more out of it then any 9 to 5 will ever give me!"

"Wow that is a vague question but I'll try my best. I want to do something that actually matters you know what I mean? I mean sure some things get you all the wealth and security you need but that isn't true happiness...I want to be able to know that I'm making a positive change in someone's life, directly or indirectly :)"

"I think I'd want to go hiking with God across Iceland. We'd sit down and have a little chat about my life and my heart, we'd eat pomegranates, and explore Iceland until the sun goes down. I'm really hoping that happens one day."

"I would be a rockstar/artist living in a country home where it is perpetually summer and yet somehow is in the heart of Toronto or Van."

"I've got to put 2 answers; one for what I would do right now... one for the long-term plan. :)
Right now, I would love to travel as the intern I already am with CTF leaders abroad to really any other countries for conferences and events. It's the best part of my job and I don't get around much.
Long term: go to the moon... and through my dad, (God), redeem the film and television industries."

more to come!

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