Monday, December 28, 2009

two thousand nine, it's been fun.

2009 is almost over.

just a few days to go.
3 actually.

...and i'm super super excited for 2010.

i say goodbye to...
- memories of grade 12
- high school friendships
- freshwind 09!
- turning 19
- creating a yearbook
- a brunch with amanda on a summer morning
- trying prophetic art for the first time
- NYC/PA/MA summer trips
- falling in love with fashion; especially heels
- showing pictures of myself to agents for the first time
- having a professional photoshoot for the first time
- seeing emily young every day
- re-encounter
- amanda heppner
- freshwind camp 09
- family visiting for the first time
- discovering toronto
- church families
- youth pastors
- cozy holiday spirit
- heavy rain 2009...

...and that is just a grain into the year...

i have goals for the new year:
- read more books; readreadread!
- make more art that my spirit feels like doing - without fear.
- actually work on writing a book
- do more professional photoshoots
- save up at least $5, 0000 for school

...and those are just a few...

God has done some pretty fantastic and mind blowing things this year;
i'm just excited to see what he's going to do next with 2010 -
as we get closer and closer to Jesus coming back... ;)

enter the new year with high expectations, big dreams, and don't fear ONE BIT to go after the desires of your heart. be like a child and have fun!

much love,

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