Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lover in need of a lover...

i've been pondering about this for a while now, and the more i get into it, the more my mind becomes amazed.

the fact that we as humans did not need God first - God first needed us. and still does.


just let that sink in for a bit - or longer...

isn't that just the most mind-blowing, crazy, most love-filled fact you've ever heard!?
it probably is for me.

we go around living our crazy lives, thinking that we are wasting God's time with our 'needy' prayers; we go on thinking these lies that God doesn't have much time for us.

when in fact, God - the creator of the complex design of tree trunks and green leaves - has a need for us.
he created EVERYTHING around us....

...just for us. a man would prepare his beautiful gift for the love of his life....
God prepared the earth for the love of his life -

i once asked God why he created us. why he had the urge, all of a sudden, to create breathing creatures so interesting as us.
you know what he replied?

"it was love."

because he is love, he needed to pour it out...he needed to share love, and in order to share love, there needs a recipient who can pour it into him as well...
and so he needed us.

it's almost like he needs us to be. just like we need him to be.
you see, that's relationship.
it needs to go two ways.

and it just brings me to such awe that God first needed us.

that all this time, people have thought that we are just a pile of 'things' who just happened to need a 'big boss', and that this 'Boss' doesn't have much interest in us. i mean, he's somewhere up there in the skies, so how could he possibly care that much about us?

...'child, it is because i first loved you...that you are able to all.'

...ugh, God, you just wreck me...

and it is then, that i realize, God is not some 'Big Boss in the sky' - he's a Lover
in need of a Lover.

he's actually in love with his creation; his need.

and that's all it takes to completely change someone's life.
the realization that God is in love - completely - with you...

- melody.

ps. God is so good. the job is going well, and my hours have been good so far. :)
pps. got favor to book off all 3 days for heavy rain from good.
ppps. christmas is in the air...

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