Monday, November 2, 2009

how lovely are Your plans.

I will make this quick - as i am verrryy tired and have an important day tomorrow.

i have been looking for a job for a while and have just recently been hired by Chapters.
this was perfect timing - and the job i really wanted.

God has a way of knowing our small desires - he knows when, what, how, who, where...
even the desires unknown to us, he knows before hand.

i will be starting tomorrow. and i know that God has got me from the beginning - he will take care of me, help me, fill me with joy, and bring favor to me in this new position...and i'm quite excited :)

i know that some of you are doubting God or you think what he's got planned for you is boring and "lame".
and let me tell you, he's got the most beautiful and most amazing plans for you - perfectly prepared.
he knows you.
...he really does...
and he knows you are strong and courageous, and whatever he places you in is to see you shine...

he is 100% in love with you, and everything coming of him is through this love.

so do something out of the ordinary and trust Him. trust God with your job, with your school, with your relationships, with yourself, with your health, with your life...

it's 100% worth it.

...don't pay attention to your circumstance or situation, because with God all things are possible...

love you all.

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