Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lover in need of a lover...

i've been pondering about this for a while now, and the more i get into it, the more my mind becomes amazed.

the fact that we as humans did not need God first - God first needed us. and still does.


just let that sink in for a bit - or longer...

isn't that just the most mind-blowing, crazy, most love-filled fact you've ever heard!?
it probably is for me.

we go around living our crazy lives, thinking that we are wasting God's time with our 'needy' prayers; we go on thinking these lies that God doesn't have much time for us.

when in fact, God - the creator of the complex design of tree trunks and green leaves - has a need for us.
he created EVERYTHING around us....

...just for us. a man would prepare his beautiful gift for the love of his life....
God prepared the earth for the love of his life -

i once asked God why he created us. why he had the urge, all of a sudden, to create breathing creatures so interesting as us.
you know what he replied?

"it was love."

because he is love, he needed to pour it out...he needed to share love, and in order to share love, there needs a recipient who can pour it into him as well...
and so he needed us.

it's almost like he needs us to be. just like we need him to be.
you see, that's relationship.
it needs to go two ways.

and it just brings me to such awe that God first needed us.

that all this time, people have thought that we are just a pile of 'things' who just happened to need a 'big boss', and that this 'Boss' doesn't have much interest in us. i mean, he's somewhere up there in the skies, so how could he possibly care that much about us?

...'child, it is because i first loved you...that you are able to all.'

...ugh, God, you just wreck me...

and it is then, that i realize, God is not some 'Big Boss in the sky' - he's a Lover
in need of a Lover.

he's actually in love with his creation; his need.

and that's all it takes to completely change someone's life.
the realization that God is in love - completely - with you...

- melody.

ps. God is so good. the job is going well, and my hours have been good so far. :)
pps. got favor to book off all 3 days for heavy rain from good.
ppps. christmas is in the air...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

where the wild things are...there is wilderness.

So, this is my personal review of the movie "Where The Wild Things Are".
in case you don't know, there's this movie out...and it's based on a children's book (which by the way, i have not read).
you may have seen the trailer, and thought "what's this?"

...well after the movie, your question may have been answered...
or perhaps not.

i watched it last night with my lovely friends and sister. and i must say, what a movie!
we were surrounded by kids, and their mothers and fathers.

now, i was aware that the movie was quite complicated to understand and had many deep and hidden themes. but i didn't expect that...

it was perhaps one of the most imaginative and deep movies i have seen!
you know when the message is not spoken at all and the plot is very "blurry" and incomprehensible?
that's when you know there's a lot of digging to do...
and that's when you either love it or hate it.

the film focuses on a boy, Max, who, at home, gets very little attention (or at least lacks the attention he really wants) and holds in a lot of anger because of it.
he runs away and finds himself in a forest.

this is where the wild things are.
creatures, that is, bigger than max. much bigger.

and each of them hold in pain. have their struggle. carry burden.
like Max.

...Max becomes king of these. almost, perhaps, king of these burdens as well?

each 'wild thing' is either angry, lonely, afraid, jealous, ashamed, or feeling worthless. (i'm sure you can dig out some more...)
all of what Max feels.
so perhaps, these 'wild things' are just a reflection of who he is...? hmm...
and the kingdom he "owns" is just life itself. along with its mess, its complications, its twists-and-turns...

and my personal interpretation - ...a life without God. without True love.
Max tries his best to keep sadness away from the 'family'. he tries his best to create a perfect world. he tries his best, but his best is not enough.
the creatures are still broken inside. they are still lonely and not united. incomplete.

in each of us is something wild.
emotions are wild. messy. raw.

and even messier when shared with someone else.
relationships are messy. and i think that's a biggie in the movie!

cling!cling!cling! theme.

so, my conclusion, God loves messy. he wants to clean us up. he's needy too.
and the only way to keep sadness away, is to accept Love.
the unloved must be loved to remove the fears, the loneliness, and the pain.

so, i hope you find the beauty i found in this very interesting movie...
and remember that where the wild things are, love is needed.

- melody.

ps. i wouldn't really recommend this for children; i mean...perhaps children get this more than we do. but the 'feel' in the movie doesn't seem to be appropriate for small kids.
pps. the soundtrack and photography in this film is brilliant! truly beautiful.

Monday, November 2, 2009

how lovely are Your plans.

I will make this quick - as i am verrryy tired and have an important day tomorrow.

i have been looking for a job for a while and have just recently been hired by Chapters.
this was perfect timing - and the job i really wanted.

God has a way of knowing our small desires - he knows when, what, how, who, where...
even the desires unknown to us, he knows before hand.

i will be starting tomorrow. and i know that God has got me from the beginning - he will take care of me, help me, fill me with joy, and bring favor to me in this new position...and i'm quite excited :)

i know that some of you are doubting God or you think what he's got planned for you is boring and "lame".
and let me tell you, he's got the most beautiful and most amazing plans for you - perfectly prepared.
he knows you.
...he really does...
and he knows you are strong and courageous, and whatever he places you in is to see you shine...

he is 100% in love with you, and everything coming of him is through this love.

so do something out of the ordinary and trust Him. trust God with your job, with your school, with your relationships, with yourself, with your health, with your life...

it's 100% worth it.

...don't pay attention to your circumstance or situation, because with God all things are possible...

love you all.