Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall-in' for You. dot dot.

SEPTEMBER!? already? wow.
a new season is ahead - as we leave behind a dearly loved one.

i have been to the states, to camp, said goodbye (temporarily) to friends and leaders, and been to several modelling agency interviews - all with the same result.

overall, this was a good summer. i don't think it would be fair to state a summer as 'bad' based only on the negatives.
i was alive, i soaked in the sun, i hungout with wonderful friends, spent time with family, etc, etc, etc.

therefore, thank you summer 2009 for bringing me joy.
now, i slowly say hello to fall - as he peeks right through.

to tell you the truth, i'm quite looking forward to the future. i mean yes, it's unknown.
but hey! if it weren't, the excitement would not be there. and i'm all for excitement.

i have an entire year to myself - just trusting God every step of the way.

sometimes, it's not as easy as it may seem...but there is beauty in struggle.
and struggle does not keep me from taking action.
faith cannot be without action.
i act in faith. i walk in faith. i breathe in faith.
believing that God provides. that God is all-powerful. that God is God - who he says he is.

and i'll know that if i stuggle while trusting, the enemy is out to get me - for he knows my faith is powerful. and i'll know to keep trusting and to keep perservering.

all in all, to reward me.

so, i say goodbye to summer and hello to a new season - the season of trusting.

thank you camp freshwind for making me stronger. and thank you campers and counsellors and friends for just being so amazing. for changing my life.
you all take part somehow.

i love you all.

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