Tuesday, August 4, 2009

goodbye canada, hello usa road-trip.

Tomorrow morning, the family (including me) will be going off to our "summer vacation".
this is the time of the year - of the season - in which the family gets together for a break.
(ha - describing "vacation" is not as easy as it seems.)

our trip includes 1 day at kingdom bound, pennsylvania, nyc, and boston.
fun? yes!

so i'm looking forward to it - a getaway from the house is well needed.
i've been feeling almost trapped within myself here, enslaved to unwanted thoughts, laziness, and boredom.

but i guess the 'trapped-within-myself' part is something i can't physically get away from.
it's an inner decision which i have yet to make.

this summer so far has been...instructional if i can say so.
God has been teaching me on judgement (which part 2 will come soon), faith, trust, mysteries, life, death, ...and any other topic the new testament touches on (as i have been reading it all this summer in goal to reach revelation in september).

and now, it is time to learn about ... rest.
ah...yes. rest.
i just need to know how to truly rest. worry about nothing. feel and be at peace with the world, myself, and the future.
how exciting. (really)

well, i am off to 'rest' and sleep these 6 hours before waking again.

much love to all my readers.

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