Monday, July 20, 2009

it's 8 pm and the sun is shining.

And summer is sweet.

it's a good time for a break - even in blogging. ha!
i feel like writing in a choppy way today. so i will.

so updates on this season:

- i'm going to probably become a professional model for a while in september. just to bring the kingdom in the industry. ;)

- i found a polaroid camera in my garage. i just need film.

- i just fell in love with Bethel in Redding, California all over again. (
along with healing people, and bringing the kingdom in the most unexpected places. (disneyland?) yeah look it up. "healing revival in Disneyland" on youtube.

- i'm going to camp freshwind - as LIT. super sweetness!

- i miss my best friend. but she's blasting and being blasted by the Holy Spirit. so it's all good.

- "the kingdom is not of talk, but of power." LOVE. THIS. SO. MUCH.

- bring it on, august. vacation time soon!

- i love you all.


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