Monday, June 22, 2009

how do i talk about 5 different events in one post?

Yeah. good question.
i really should go on here more often. then, i won't need to put over 5 events in one post.

let me start with a hello! - "hello!" - and with the date - june 22, 2009.
it is around 8:17 pm with rays of sun still in view.

where do i begin? hm.
WELL. i'll go backwards...why not!
2 days ago marked a beautiful night - a switchfoot concert. and even though it was my 3rd, every one of them takes me to a new level. every show is special and memorable.
in a world where the "real" is hard to find, music created by jon foreman and the band is quite a treasure. it is quite rare to be exposed to raw and honest lyrics these days, and even harder to feel true love in them. i don't have to say God's name for you to know that true love can only be expressed through him. - and "Godly" music these days? quite invisible.
i want to hear music from the heart, music from life itself.

so, thank you switchfoot for being just that. true, honest, real, true-love-filled music.

apart from beautiful nights, i have adventured myself deeper within God's arms.
re-encounter happened. instead of prom.
and that, my friends, was definitely a journey into the deep seas of his intimate mysteries.
you know, it's okay to feel or be uncomfortable in a room filled with the 'unknown'.
and by that, i mean, it's okay to be challenged inside.
the weekend was all about bringing an end to past ties, healing wounds and broken hearts, and breaking off any last bits and pieces of the devil's fingers on me.

...and that's exactly what i mean. it's okay to be uncomfortable at the word 'healing' or 'broken'...or just plain 'devil'. i mean, let's just go there.
truth doesn't mix in with opinion; it overcomes it.
so whether there are truths you want to hear or not, accepting it WILL lead you to freedom.
for, "the truth will set you free."
overall, the weekend reminded me of just how intimate God wants us to be with him.
we were created for intimacy.
and intimacy is what i came here for.

the last big event in my life...happening just about my graduation.

how funny to say "i'm done with high school!" - and yet, it was just a temporary stop for a basic education and a place to meet new friends.

learning definitely doesn't stop there. and life certainly doesn't begin after it.
life is always in us. - but being alive is the choice.

so yeah, i'm done with high school. but the same goes when ending elementary or middle school, there's always a greater stop ahead.
so whether i end up going to university, work, the States, or simply the house, i'm taking the same with me: my home.

and my home is where my Daddy is: in me. (thanks Holy Spirit :] for always being with me.)
anywhere i go, is a new opportunity to be who i'm meant to be.
daughter of a King.

there's a certain advantage in knowing who you really are...there's no fear, doubt, or confusion about where you're meant to be and what you're meant to do.

so, my "Jerusalem", thanks for being with me - but we're not quite done.
"Ends of the earth"...i guess i'll see you sometime in the future.

it's summer. and i speak into being a beautiful and impactful one. in Jesus name :)
dear friends, you are truly meant to be royalty - living for Royalty - in love and with love.

we'll talk soon.
- melody.

ps. invisible children's Lobby Days - today and tomorrow - are making history.
Uganda, your children will soon be free.

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