Monday, May 4, 2009

Nineteen years of life.

I will keep this short.

as are my years.
they are short.

yet, i'm intended to live until 120.
it's a promise; not a hope.
...for all of us.

today, i remember the many times i cried out. the many times i laughed.
the many goodbyes i had to announce. the many crushes i put my heart through.
the many names i memorized. the many faces i've photographed into my mind.
today, i celebrate life. i celebrate 19 years of me - on earth.

life is not limited to here. i (and you) am a citizen of Heaven.
and i just happen to be here on vacation.
so, i guess all i can say now is...keep me here longer.

i'm looking forward to rocking your world, while you rock mine.

honestly, thank you everyone who has touched my life in any sort of way.
you are deeply beautiful, powerful, and worthy of bigger than this world.
i truly love you with all my heart.
friends, thank you. thank you. thank you.

- melody.

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