Sunday, April 26, 2009

my life these past few weeks, let alone days.

Like, a few days left of april? is that even possible?
this month has passed by too fast.

i never know what to say about 'months'.
"oh, good month" just sounds too cliche.

i suppose labeling this month as "super-natural" is accurate.
it was really 'beyond the normal'!

Freshwind '09: check.
starting fresh with my Daddy in heaven: check.
The Rescue, Toronto: check.

ahhh...the rescue.
last night was just so moving.
100 cities, 10 countries, 1 movement.
Invisible Children's THE RESCUE.
thousands around the world gathered yesterday - April 25th, 2009 - to stand against one of the longest running wars in africa, to bring to the light the LRA (Joseph Kony's army), and to prove to the world that the 90% who are abducted child soldiers are people too whom we care for, love, and want to see rescued.

thousands around the world chose to 'abduct' themselves for the night until they were 'rescued'.
media and an influential leader is needed in order to be rescued.

Toronto was one of those cities; at Queen's Park.
under the rain and thunderstorms, hundreds showed their support for a greater cause than ourselves.
it was truly amazing and humbling to know that young and old stand as one to bring change to a continent so distant and unknown.

children, stay strong, for soon, you will be back home!

(currently, there are still 12 cities to be rescued - STAY STRONG.)

i am so excited to see where this movement will lead, for this is just the beginning.
thank you invisible children, for caring.

God - you are really all for justice. and it can only be a shame to ourselves for not taking part
against what breaks your heart.

on a side note - switchfoot is in town june 20th! see you guys there. :)
also, i will be turning the big 1 9 in a week! quite the big step.
and i am currently working on a small freshwind video, as well as the next youtube video blog.

well that is all for tonight, it is late and i am to rest :)
love to all.

- melody.

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