Sunday, April 12, 2009

can i remind you Satan that You. Are. Finished!

It is april 12, 2009, and happy Easter to you all.
i realize it is 10:44ish (pm) and i am quite i have been spending these past 3 days jumping, dancing, screaming, sitting, praying, ministering, and just being blasted by the Holy Spirit at freshwind 2009.
it was pretty much the best conference i have yet been to.

phenomenal, actually.

i believe we are called to be a generation that stands out. a generation that will be BOLD in Jesus' name. a youth that will hold nothing back. a people who will destroy satan's lies like never before. a generation that will blast the kingdom of God righ onto this earth - immensily.

i believe in this generation. i declare it is one of life. of hope. of revival.
i don't think God was mistaken when he said that the righteous are bold as lions; in fact, He couldn't be any more right.

and it's time to show down under who is boss around here

Jesus did it all on the cross. he conquered depression, sickness, poverty, injustice, disease, impurity, and even DEATH. he conquered. he won. we won.

"It is finished."

his last words. and perhaps the most powerful words ever spoken on the face of this planet.
at that moment, all of Satan's grip on us was taken away, and Jesus took back the keys to life. TO LIFE!
at that very moment, every disease, cancer, suicidal thought/attempt, addiction, ANY struggle we can ever think of melted away at Jesus' words. it is finished.

at that moment, we were all freed. and made alive.

freshwind band!

there is beauty and power in worship.

lovely kim walker :) she is amazing.

cleetus adrian - intense message! so good.

painting during worship - amazing!

prayer wall testimony - incredible powerful.

i am so excited to see where God will lead me - and this generation.
join in the movement. the movement of God.

see you soon. ;)

- melody.

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Emily, with Love said...

I absolutely LOVE THIS. We are the generation who will take back the earth! YAYAY freshwind, so powerful to experience God full blast constantly.