Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March - filled with power.

Hola mi amigos! i am sitting on the floor, half comfortable - half totally not.
so, it is march 31, 2009. that is right. the last day of march. the last day of what used to be a new month.
what a month! MAN. God is so good. he brought me here, victorious. as i was yesterday, and will be tomorrow, and for always (that kind-a means forever.)

this month has taught me how to be powerful. and by that i mean, powerful with God. what's a human without God? i ask myself...

PRAYER. yes, i have been smacked in the face by sermons talking about it. and i love it! i am quickly learning what prayer is, how powerful it is, and how to pray in the most useful way!
- beautiful.

honestly, i've been seeing how flipping REAL Satan is. he is really out to get us, destroying, killing, all that jazz - only because he knows who we truly are. he knows we are warriors, Sons and Daughters of the King, and as my best friend puts it, he's doing his best to push us away from that truth. and all he is are lies, therefore he WORKS in lies.
tsk, tsk, tsk.
so, this is why he is someone to take seriously. we need to remind him he's lost, and we've won. HA! because we have. KILL HIM, again and again and again and again...there's no harm to that one ;)

anyways, it is 9:09 pm. tuesday. tomorrow is mom's birthday. i love her, truly. she is amazing. (if you ever read this, maman...know that you are the best!)

in 8 sleeps: FRESHWIND 2009! so flipping excited. ministry team + painting = HOLY SPIRIT FILLED WEEKEND. fo sho! (

april 25: THE RESCUE. come out in toronto to abduct yourselves for the children abducted in uganda forced to kill. show that toronto cares. show that rescue is possible. (

i also have started youtube videos (HA, i know)...i will update soon :)

on a last note, you are strong. beautiful. loved. and full of hope :)
- melody.

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