Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March - filled with power.

Hola mi amigos! i am sitting on the floor, half comfortable - half totally not.
so, it is march 31, 2009. that is right. the last day of march. the last day of what used to be a new month.
what a month! MAN. God is so good. he brought me here, victorious. as i was yesterday, and will be tomorrow, and for always (that kind-a means forever.)

this month has taught me how to be powerful. and by that i mean, powerful with God. what's a human without God? i ask myself...

PRAYER. yes, i have been smacked in the face by sermons talking about it. and i love it! i am quickly learning what prayer is, how powerful it is, and how to pray in the most useful way!
- beautiful.

honestly, i've been seeing how flipping REAL Satan is. he is really out to get us, destroying, killing, all that jazz - only because he knows who we truly are. he knows we are warriors, Sons and Daughters of the King, and as my best friend puts it, he's doing his best to push us away from that truth. and all he is are lies, therefore he WORKS in lies.
tsk, tsk, tsk.
so, this is why he is someone to take seriously. we need to remind him he's lost, and we've won. HA! because we have. KILL HIM, again and again and again and again...there's no harm to that one ;)

anyways, it is 9:09 pm. tuesday. tomorrow is mom's birthday. i love her, truly. she is amazing. (if you ever read this, maman...know that you are the best!)

in 8 sleeps: FRESHWIND 2009! so flipping excited. ministry team + painting = HOLY SPIRIT FILLED WEEKEND. fo sho! (

april 25: THE RESCUE. come out in toronto to abduct yourselves for the children abducted in uganda forced to kill. show that toronto cares. show that rescue is possible. (

i also have started youtube videos (HA, i know)...i will update soon :)

on a last note, you are strong. beautiful. loved. and full of hope :)
- melody.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My heart is yours.

Well. it has been almost a month since we last talked.
crazy, eh?
time is a beautiful thing, just too quick to appreciate it. ha!
(yet, it never leaves...hmm)

anyways, i'm going too far in thought.

february has definitely been an interesting month. it was a combination of changes, new revelations, un-noticed love, breakthroughs, new music, patience, ...and more patience.
it's just been a good month, overall. i can't say it was un-eventful.
the discovery of kris vallotton, bill johnson, and derek schneider's sermons have not stopped blowing my mind each time. they are definitely up there, on my top people's list (if i had one...)

they've just been so good. so good. so good.

also, february marked the month revival week chose to step out and into new schools. i'm quite excited for this. new opportunities for the message of hope and love to spread out? FO SHO, my friends.

exciting times, i must say.

on a more personal note, february has definitely taught me (and still is) that patience is one of the most important pieces of love.
i have recently learned that my few bits and pieces of my heart were in my hands, rather than the perfect one, Daddy's. it was like, feelings i held in for certain people were only to be touched by me, and me only.
what i didn't know, is that those pieces were the very ones God's been poking me to give him.
because, you see, those are the pieces of my heart he''s looking to perfect. to polish up. to clean up and prepare for that one person i'm waiting for.
and if they're not in his hands, there is no way he can take care of me, fully.

i've given those pieces to him last night.
and yes, i want him to fully engage with me, and my heart. i want him to fully take control of all that is boggling my mind. all the thoughts, memories, dreams, songs that bring me to that place of wonders, i give to him.
it's just...i guess this only makes sense to me, but when you think about a certain person for too long, you get into the 'what ifs' and 'i doubt...' and 'i fear...'. that's when you take control.
and for me, i mess up when in control.
so, i chose to give that area of my life completely to him. to let my Daddy take care of my worries, fears, and doubts...so he can wash those up and replace them with faith, confidence, and patience.

i must say, when you miss someone, it's not easy.
but when you're fully engulfed in God's arms, there is no space for worry anymore.
it's perfect peace.
and whatever promise God's got for me, i will hold on to.
"I've gotcha, love."
he says.

so tonight, it's still march 2. and to say the least, i'm excited for what's to come.
(freshwind, in a month!)

i do love you all. whoever you may be.
leave a comment, or two. i'd love to hear from you.

be strong.

ps. iceland makes wonderful music.
Parachutes and Sigur Ros, i recommend.