Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been looking for it these past few days, actually.

home, to alot of us, is a mystery. 
but the fact remains: it's a beautiful one. now you may be wondering, how Earth can be named a 'beautiful home' in the midst of its brokeness and pain. 
well, to me (and i'm sure many of you as well), i don't consider this my home (and never would want to, in that matter). i mean, this is just a temporary "hotel". it just happens to be that my home is in a way, way, WAY better place!
yes, indeed, it is Heaven. 

how SO EXTRAORDINARY to be able to call Heaven OUR home. it isn't just my home, but yours as well. 

and when you think about it, home is where you gain your comfort, strength, encouragement, and peace. (now, home is different than house...so not actually referring to the 'house')
it is where we take our refuge. it is where we find the most joy.

so, not only is our home in heaven full of that, it's PERFECT....and accessible. 

and the perfect father waits for us...at any second of our lives.

and what i have been feeling these past few days/week or so, is just this amazing love from our Daddy. he's like, the perfect comforter and Lover. 
and i've just been sinking in his arms and love.

it's just a beautiful thing. a beautiful home.

...well i'm pretty tired tonight, so i'm gonna end with this:
"i'm His house, and He's always home." - Kris Vallotton

- melody. :)

ps. happy birthday to my sister, she's the best. and she's 17. ha!

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