Monday, January 5, 2009

You are a New creation.

IT'S 2009! AH.

it's just amazing to see how a year can bring so much change. especially its last 2 months.
for me, november and december were definitely life changing months. i was taken into this journey with God that i never imagined taking and i am experiencing his love in such a beautiful and extravagent way! i just want to share with y'all the highlights of the past year, as it was days ago that we were still in 2008.

- a new year's spent with the family in switzerland
- freshwind 2008, beginning of a shift in me.
- 18th birthday in rochester, ny - SWITCHFOOT.
- WARPED TOUR with twloha, sweet experience!
- entering 12th grade. - HA!
- REVIVAL WEEK '08, birth of conversations.
- encounter in novemeber, an absolute life-changing experience - i encountered His love like never before and experienced healing and freedom!
- heavy rain!, dec. 29th-31st, i am the Daughter of God - open me up to Your world of the Holy Spirit.

this IS my redemption story.

God's love is so so so huge, it's infinite! there's no end to end at all.
it overflows. it goes beyond, always. always. always. and forever.

2009: i will live out my true identity - i will live out as a true Princess of the high King. i will desire more and more of this absolute love. i will fight this divine war against the lies of a true Liar. i will live in the supernatural, asking for His Kingdom to come, on earth as it is in Heaven.

this song is truly changing my world; it's beautiful, real, and a total truth of God's love.

i love you all. and God's love is never ending, so keep asking for more. and happy new year's!
-melody :)

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