Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm not who i was.

Say what?
oh! yeah. i'm not who i was. 
meaning, the person i was a few days ago, is old and dead. i'm now renewed and reborn. 
and i can officially say i'm free. 100% free. 
personally, i think that's pretty darn amazing. a few months ago, i never imagined myself saying that. i give ALL thanksgiving and honor to JESUS, the one and only amazing rescuer, who agreed to bear ALL my shame and disgust so that today, i could say 'i. am. free.'

i look back on my life and my journey through pain and shame, coming out free. and i am just in awe of the way God can take such a filthy person like me, full of junk and brokeness, and make something beautiful out of it. a masterpiece, really.
and this is who God is to me. an artist. a designer. someone who knows perfectly what to do to make you beautiful. 

what a journey it has been. and the best part, is it's not over. it actually has JUST begun. ;)

- melody.

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