Thursday, December 11, 2008

You've opened my eyes!

"In the darkness, God's light shines!"

HA! i don't exactly know how i am able to write to you in this moment, considering my hands are shaking and my heart is exploding in amazement and awe and joy and excitement!

ahhhhhh, so much is happening in my heart, in the hearts of those around me, and in the supernatural world!
i am quickly realizing how amazing, powerful, and important the connection to the supernatural world is! it is an essential component to living a christian life!
when you grasp the concept of the supernatural, you are TOTALLY woken up! your eyes are open, and you finally enter into God's world. 
this is when you become a total new human being, not living an earthly life, but one of the "above natural", one that totally lacks scientific explanation.
one that is totally engulfed, mouthed, kissed, swimming, covered into/of the SUPERNATURAL. 

God is supernatural.
when you accept Jesus into your heart, well guess what? you accept him into you :)
and wanna know something cooler? he's God
do you see where i'm going with this? ;)
when God's in you, you become SUPERNATURAL
you become the proof of something BEYOND nature, beyond SCIENCE.

your eyes are open to the world unseen and untouchable. you are entering the unknown, and this is when life truly begins

hold tight! because the ride will be intense
the supernatural is a world where the evil, where the devil is trying to trap, to steal, to kill, to destroy. us.
our role? fight! fight! fight! fight the sin, not the people. fight the hate, not the hater. fight the ignorance and injustice, not the ignorant
God has totally granted us his holy spirit! how freakin' amazing is that!? with his spirit in us, we are so filled with power! power to fight against the devil, to run this race. and share the victory! that has already happened: on the cross. we are just to join in the victory and freedom! 

and the simplest and most powerful way to break off the chains of sin and the grip of Satan on your life
is to love

God is love. and by loving people, you are welcoming him in. and as he enters in, he will totally break the demons away!

and the only way to walk away from hate, is to realize how gross and disgusting it is. how sin ruins, destroys, and makes you dirty. the only way to get rid of sin, is by hating it
"the first step to freedom and salvation is to be disgusted and grossed out by the sin in our lives."

Oh, you love us. how you love us so so much. SO MUCH! 

if you are in the midst of the supernatural, and don't realize it, are you ready to jump in?
and if you haven't experienced His love yet, are you ready to be transformed and totally taken by the love of God? 
here's my answer to you:  it's totally worth it.
watch this. i recommend it. fully.


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jaxson said...

That is one of the videos that truly inspires me.