Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lord, come and set me free.

"Come change my world." - 'change my world', freshwind band.

where does time go....i wonder sometimes. hm, i guess i haven't been writing as much as i should these past few days/weeks because of time. i don't have enough of it, or i just waste it.

time is like a gift. we can choose to open it wisely and carefully, rush through it, or just throw it away. i find myself throwing the gift away too many times.
this time, i'm opening it carefully. HA! or so i think.
my prayer tonight: help me use time wisely. and with pure joy. i want to use every bit of it for You. with You.


okay? okay.

so this post will be a little shorter.
quick updates!

1. encounter weekend is next week! SO EXCITED. i'm pretty much ready for the change in me...bring it on!
2. it's november. therefore, it's colder. and christmas is soon! whaaaaa. (favorite season!)
3. when you feel down, don't forget that the stars come out at night. and the sun is always shining, it's just hidden by the clouds. :) (and things always turn out okay)
4. we're making a new youth group! AH! crazy, i know.
5. art class is kinda lame., sadly.
6. downtown hangouts soon, yayay! :) i love the city.

7. i love you.

so, i have to get going. but more to come soon!

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