Wednesday, October 8, 2008

it's time to update. it's time for a revival!

Wow, where do i begin? it's october 8, 2008 and God is moving so amazingly much.
ahhhhhhhhh, Jesus, how beautiful you are! it's honestly incredible.
revival week is just currently happening, and really, i'm amazed at how God is so great.
monday was incredible. brett ullman spoke, and really woke hearts up. helped bring back reality to some, reminded others that they are not alone. and all through it, God was in the room.
"thank you soooo much"
"this is doing so much for me! it's perfectly fitting in with my life."
"thank you. thank you for doing this."

thank you GOD!, so so so much. this is so you!
and i am just so grateful that you used us to do this, that you have chosen this group of friends to lead this movement, so important and life changing. this is such a priviledge to take parts in these people's lives, people who need the hope and love. this is what people are longing for. they are longing for attention, for others to care for them. we all love long to be loved. and to love.

i just pray, God, that people, through this week, will come to find you! that people's hearts will turn to you, and that their eyes will be open to the light of your greatness, that people will start to see you in the darkest of places. i pray, that people will come to find true love. your true love.
i pray that these next 2 days, you will move in AMAZING WAYS! i love you dad so so so much!
- in your beautiful son's name, Jesus, amen.

so, i know that i have let a lot of time slip between this post and the last, but i do promise that as i get through this week, i will have lots to report and more time to write :)
i hope you are all having a wonderful week.
remember, that God loves you so incredibly much. and he's awesome!

- melody.

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