Sunday, October 12, 2008

in love.

Sunday night, 10:28 pm at this very moment, and i'm here writing. to be honest, i love it, actually. haha! it takes effort to open this page up and have the desire to write, but i go for it anyways, because i am glad to know my thoughts have a home.

to be specific, it is thanksgiving weekend and oh, man! do i have a lot to be thankful about.
first, i just want to say, revival week has been so great! it was such a privilege to be a part of this movement, and actually being one of the leaders. Father, you deserve all the praise for that!
MAN! do you rock.
i am so excited to see where God will lead, actually.

secondly, i just want to take note (for myself, in the near future) that i am falling deeper and deeper in love with my saviour Jesus...argh, he's so beautiful. i'm realizing each day new aspects of his love, and what love is, and just how much he loves me. ARGH! so beautiful.

thirdly, i want to take more notes on the many things in life i am thankful for at this very God, this is your post-it. i hope you will be satisfied :)

dear Dad,
you wake me up each morning, and for that i thank you.
i thank you for life itself. for being alive.
i thank you for my family, for they are loving and supporting.
you have blessed me with such wonderful friends, and for that i thank you.
i thank you for the people you have placed in my life, who have a special role to fullfill within me.
i thank you for the voice you have placed inside of me. for it is all yours.
thank you for this passion. this passion for youth, for justice, for the broken.
thank you for your love. it's everything i need, i want, i could ever desire.
i thank you for your salvation, Jesus. for loving me so much, you chose to take upon yourself my mess and my screw-ups. once again, i thank you.
thank you for the stars, the sunshine, the sky, the birds, the daisies, and the trees.
in them, i seem to see you.
thank you for the pain you've put me through, it has taught me how to trust you, how to live for you, and how to heal.
thank you for weakness, for it makes me stronger.
i thank you for chaos, for it teaches me to have peace in you.
thank you for beauty in nature, for through it, i see bits of you.
thank you for music, because in the notes, your presence can be felt.
i thank you for choosing music as a tool to touch lives.
thank you for jon foreman, bryce avary, jamie t., and renee for being an inspiration in my life.
thank you for hope. thank you, thank you, thank you.
i thank you for forgiveness. gah! what would we be without it?!
thank you for words, because without them, i wouldn't be able to write you this, Dad.
thank you for tears...because they prove honesty.
thank you for broken hearts, for they move us to compassion.
thank you. God. for grace. without it, i would not have been created.

so, dear Dad, i thank you for everything you are doing in me, with me, and through me.
i am your daughter. and you are my father.
as i am yours, and you are mine.
i love you, i. love. you.

your daughter,


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