Monday, October 27, 2008

"How art thou?"

Art. i kinda need a break from it, at the moment. HA! i'm "studying" for a midterm tomorrow, and i am to memorize about 25 art movements, along with their key artists and key works.
talk about FUN, eh?!

after going through different art movements, i am starting to realize that even though each is different, every artist has a same purpose.

making art.
it's about achieving something more. it's about proving to the world that we have a mind. that we have creativity. and that with this certain creativity, we can create beauty. and change. and questions. it's about proving not only your mind, but your own existence.
picasso is defined through his art. so is michelangel
o. andy warhol. marcel duchamp. sol lewitt. and the list goes on.
their existence is known through their artworks. without it, they probably wouldn't be recognized.
so, has their pieces overtaken the importance of their lives?

hm, i wonder.

really, when you think about it, art can be found anywhere, at any time, in any form.
it is expression. it is freedom of being. it is satisfaction. it is beauty.
we, ourselves are a proof of art. we have been made beautifully. the details of our design are absolutely breath-taking.

so, now, if art can be found everywhere, why the competition? why try to prove our work being better than the rest of the world's? isn't, then, the point of art just a matter of proving ourselves to...ourselves?
we are always aiming to prove something to someone. and most of the time, it is to ourselves.
this is where art can become interesting. it doesn't only have to be a selfish work.
it can involve the rest of the world, if it wanted to. it can impact a life, or two, or three.
it can change lives.
this is where it gets deeper; just a little more int
ense. this is where it becomes real.
once art reaches a beating heart, a life, a soul, this is when it comes to life.
i choose to make art. that will change the world.
that will come to life.

maybe, you will start to notice how this relates to the work of art we were made to be.
God didn't simply make us so that he can prove his capabilities to himself. he didn't make us for himself.
he made living art. art that comes to life, and reaches that beating heart. that soul.
he made us so that we can live for him. live for
eachother. live to impact other lives. live to change the world. live, so that he can express his own emotions through us.
his art movement? it's the movement called "Love".
wanna know more? look up the key artist. :)

- melody.
melody h. - "Apple"
sometimes, we are different in the dark.


Anonymous said...

woooow =)
i really like your messages ;)
isy (from luxemburg lol)

jaxson said...

You are amazing!
I love how you've taken the subject of art and related it to life and to God.

As always, your posts are insightful and inspiring.
Keep writing! :]