Monday, October 27, 2008

"How art thou?"

Art. i kinda need a break from it, at the moment. HA! i'm "studying" for a midterm tomorrow, and i am to memorize about 25 art movements, along with their key artists and key works.
talk about FUN, eh?!

after going through different art movements, i am starting to realize that even though each is different, every artist has a same purpose.

making art.
it's about achieving something more. it's about proving to the world that we have a mind. that we have creativity. and that with this certain creativity, we can create beauty. and change. and questions. it's about proving not only your mind, but your own existence.
picasso is defined through his art. so is michelangel
o. andy warhol. marcel duchamp. sol lewitt. and the list goes on.
their existence is known through their artworks. without it, they probably wouldn't be recognized.
so, has their pieces overtaken the importance of their lives?

hm, i wonder.

really, when you think about it, art can be found anywhere, at any time, in any form.
it is expression. it is freedom of being. it is satisfaction. it is beauty.
we, ourselves are a proof of art. we have been made beautifully. the details of our design are absolutely breath-taking.

so, now, if art can be found everywhere, why the competition? why try to prove our work being better than the rest of the world's? isn't, then, the point of art just a matter of proving ourselves to...ourselves?
we are always aiming to prove something to someone. and most of the time, it is to ourselves.
this is where art can become interesting. it doesn't only have to be a selfish work.
it can involve the rest of the world, if it wanted to. it can impact a life, or two, or three.
it can change lives.
this is where it gets deeper; just a little more int
ense. this is where it becomes real.
once art reaches a beating heart, a life, a soul, this is when it comes to life.
i choose to make art. that will change the world.
that will come to life.

maybe, you will start to notice how this relates to the work of art we were made to be.
God didn't simply make us so that he can prove his capabilities to himself. he didn't make us for himself.
he made living art. art that comes to life, and reaches that beating heart. that soul.
he made us so that we can live for him. live for
eachother. live to impact other lives. live to change the world. live, so that he can express his own emotions through us.
his art movement? it's the movement called "Love".
wanna know more? look up the key artist. :)

- melody.
melody h. - "Apple"
sometimes, we are different in the dark.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Somewhere in the chaos...

...There is peace.

finding it, may be tricky. but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
kind of how God's existence is so obvious. not being able to find him, does not mean he does not exist.

tonight, i feel...a few emotions. it's not chaos quite yet, but it's somewhat close to it.
but, to be honest, it's not the 'bad' kind of chaos. it's a good one. (if that even exists...)
what i mean is, if there isn't a mess to clean up, then you wouldn't find reason to clean yourself up, right? well, then messes are good things. :)
and it's time i start cleaning up a bit. or rather, a lot.
see, what's absolutely amazing with God, is that we don't have
to clean up the mess. he does that for us.
we just have to go to him, ask him to sweep away every single speck of dust, and make the room (aka. our lives, thoughts, actions, etc) spotless/clean/pure.
trust me, a lot of times, we don't see the mess.

'cause we're too blinded by the dust.
the devil likes that. that we can't see. can't see the truth. reality. beaut
because being able to see leads to seeing the mess, which then leads you to asking God to clean that up.

...which then, leads you to purity.

you're clean.
clean. clean. clean.

and how beautiful is purity? no one likes to stay dirty for a very long time.

so, as tonight i stand in the midst of chaos/dust/messes beyond messes,
i ask You tonight, that you pick up every single speck;
the wrong thoughts in my mind, the sharp words that have hurt, the "grouchiness" i'
ve been feeling, the stress i've put on myself, the worries, the "annoying-ness" i've been going through lately, the impatience i've been putting on You, and any other mess i've caused,
i ASK you to clean that away. sweep it up!
wash. scrub. erase. delete.
and make me clean, again.
my heart, my mind, my spirit.
purify me.

i ask.
God, please.

"wash me white as snow."

oh, would you look at that!
are those flurries i see outside?
i believe so. :)


God. you're beautiful.
and perfect.
in YOUR timing.

dear Dad,
i love you.
your daughter,

ps. a clean heart, is like, the most amazing feeling ever to have.
you should try it out some time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

in love.

Sunday night, 10:28 pm at this very moment, and i'm here writing. to be honest, i love it, actually. haha! it takes effort to open this page up and have the desire to write, but i go for it anyways, because i am glad to know my thoughts have a home.

to be specific, it is thanksgiving weekend and oh, man! do i have a lot to be thankful about.
first, i just want to say, revival week has been so great! it was such a privilege to be a part of this movement, and actually being one of the leaders. Father, you deserve all the praise for that!
MAN! do you rock.
i am so excited to see where God will lead, actually.

secondly, i just want to take note (for myself, in the near future) that i am falling deeper and deeper in love with my saviour Jesus...argh, he's so beautiful. i'm realizing each day new aspects of his love, and what love is, and just how much he loves me. ARGH! so beautiful.

thirdly, i want to take more notes on the many things in life i am thankful for at this very God, this is your post-it. i hope you will be satisfied :)

dear Dad,
you wake me up each morning, and for that i thank you.
i thank you for life itself. for being alive.
i thank you for my family, for they are loving and supporting.
you have blessed me with such wonderful friends, and for that i thank you.
i thank you for the people you have placed in my life, who have a special role to fullfill within me.
i thank you for the voice you have placed inside of me. for it is all yours.
thank you for this passion. this passion for youth, for justice, for the broken.
thank you for your love. it's everything i need, i want, i could ever desire.
i thank you for your salvation, Jesus. for loving me so much, you chose to take upon yourself my mess and my screw-ups. once again, i thank you.
thank you for the stars, the sunshine, the sky, the birds, the daisies, and the trees.
in them, i seem to see you.
thank you for the pain you've put me through, it has taught me how to trust you, how to live for you, and how to heal.
thank you for weakness, for it makes me stronger.
i thank you for chaos, for it teaches me to have peace in you.
thank you for beauty in nature, for through it, i see bits of you.
thank you for music, because in the notes, your presence can be felt.
i thank you for choosing music as a tool to touch lives.
thank you for jon foreman, bryce avary, jamie t., and renee for being an inspiration in my life.
thank you for hope. thank you, thank you, thank you.
i thank you for forgiveness. gah! what would we be without it?!
thank you for words, because without them, i wouldn't be able to write you this, Dad.
thank you for tears...because they prove honesty.
thank you for broken hearts, for they move us to compassion.
thank you. God. for grace. without it, i would not have been created.

so, dear Dad, i thank you for everything you are doing in me, with me, and through me.
i am your daughter. and you are my father.
as i am yours, and you are mine.
i love you, i. love. you.

your daughter,


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

it's time to update. it's time for a revival!

Wow, where do i begin? it's october 8, 2008 and God is moving so amazingly much.
ahhhhhhhhh, Jesus, how beautiful you are! it's honestly incredible.
revival week is just currently happening, and really, i'm amazed at how God is so great.
monday was incredible. brett ullman spoke, and really woke hearts up. helped bring back reality to some, reminded others that they are not alone. and all through it, God was in the room.
"thank you soooo much"
"this is doing so much for me! it's perfectly fitting in with my life."
"thank you. thank you for doing this."

thank you GOD!, so so so much. this is so you!
and i am just so grateful that you used us to do this, that you have chosen this group of friends to lead this movement, so important and life changing. this is such a priviledge to take parts in these people's lives, people who need the hope and love. this is what people are longing for. they are longing for attention, for others to care for them. we all love long to be loved. and to love.

i just pray, God, that people, through this week, will come to find you! that people's hearts will turn to you, and that their eyes will be open to the light of your greatness, that people will start to see you in the darkest of places. i pray, that people will come to find true love. your true love.
i pray that these next 2 days, you will move in AMAZING WAYS! i love you dad so so so much!
- in your beautiful son's name, Jesus, amen.

so, i know that i have let a lot of time slip between this post and the last, but i do promise that as i get through this week, i will have lots to report and more time to write :)
i hope you are all having a wonderful week.
remember, that God loves you so incredibly much. and he's awesome!

- melody.