Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wait. you're asleep. it's time for you to wake up.

My eyes are slowly closing. i keep yawning. and as you probably guessed, i'm totally tired.
to be honest, i have no clue as to why. i mean, i try to sleep at least 7 hours...i try.
well...okay, maybe i could try harder, but it's a good number of hours to sleep for a teenager, don't you think!?

psh! i'm totally awake, awake, awake, awake (notice my motivation...)!

...anyways, sometimes i just babble way too much, i wonder how people can stand listening to me.
so here i am again, a week after my previous post. i really don't want to make this a habit, and i will try not to (for anyone who reads my blogs...whoever you are!)
i'm one week and a half away from revival week (can i get a wooh?)! one day away from seeing my grand-parents (it has been maybe 8 months?), 3 days away from seeing bryce avary (aka. the rocket summer!), and i'm a few hours away from going to sleep (yay!).
it's really interesting and fascinating to see how small events in our lives can lead to the greatest adventures of our lifetime. how one small decision changes a life. how one word can be more powerful than a novel.
and how this blog post will be short, yet say so much.
after watching "GO" by invisible children, i realized how life is to be lived.
it's to be lived without fear. it's to be lived with passion. it's to be lived with a purpose. without limits or barriers. it's to be lived in love. in love with people. in love with justice. in love with Love itself. there is only one true way to live this way, and it's through Christ.
there is no other true passion, than the passion of Christ.
no greater love than the love of Christ.
and no bigger purpose than living full-out for Him.
check out invisible children, what they are doing is simply a-mazing. their mission is to help uganda, restore schools and homes to those affected by the war. please do take part in it somehow.

so, as i end this somewhat short post, i want to remind you that you totally have the power to change the lives around you. you want to lead a campaign? DO IT. you want to raise money for a movement you believe in? DO IT. you want to travel the world and give hope to those in need? DO IT. there is no limit to what God can do through you. all you have to do, is ask for him.
and guess what? he'll be right there, saying "it's ABOUT time!"

yes, God. it's about time we wake up. and DO something for That name we say we love so much. something that will change the world.

- melody.

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