Sunday, September 7, 2008

I wanna see miracles to see the world change.

I want to start this blog with tears. i want to make this blog a shout-out. a cry.
actually, a wake-up call. darn, guys! the emotions that i am feeling this very second cannot be put into words; they're too intense to speak of. they are emotions that want to turn into actions. they are screams, cries, turbulances, storms of desires. the desires for changes. for revolutions. for revivals.

school has started. i have three classes: yearbook, drama, and visual arts.
i have my best friends by my side, new faces to get to know better, and a new routine to get used to.

school. school. school. and school. to some of us, our second home. to others, the only decent home. and to most, not so exciting.

i'm at this point where whatever i type, i find myself erasing it all. so, why not just say what's on my mind?

DO SOMETHING. go out there, and CHANGE YOUR SCHOOL. make a difference!
yes, pay attention to your studies, do your best.
but never again will you be surrounded by as many youth as you are in your school, ever in your life. SO TAKE THAT CHANCE. pay more attention to the people around you. the way they dress. the way they walk. the way their eyes scream out 'HELP!' the conversations.
oh! how empty they are. don't outcast yourself from them. TAKE OVER. with words of love and hope. words that matter.

make your school your mission field.
make that decision right now.
or you will never get to it.

you want purpose in your life?
START WITH RIGHT NOW. right now, you are breathing. you are alive.
so, don't waste that away.
don't worry about your life! God's got it all. allllllllllllllll under control!

he's got it all under control!
and use your time to SHINE. to LOVE. to CHANGE.
it's never too late.
nor is it too early.
it's the perfect time.
people are suffering.
you can't ignore it.
so, i say...
do something.
make a difference.
change your school.

be brave. stand up for what is RIGHT.
look Pain in the eyes, and tell him to go home!
face Fear, and scare him away!
confront Lies, and scream him the truth!
don't be afraid!
don't fear!
do not be afraid!

for God is on your side, all the way.

and man, how cool is that!?

i challenge you.
as Jesus challenges me everyday.

as he challenged his disciples. and his followers.
go! go and make disciples!

make this year GOD'S YEAR.
allow him to take over you. and watch how he will use you to take over the rest of the world.
NOW that's exciting, don't you think?

as i said to my sister earlier, life is exciting and when it's not, it's cause we're not living for God.

make your revolution.
be prepared for a near revival.

- melody.

update!: BE READY FOR: revival week '08 at john fraser secondary school!
new project: project redemption! at jfss.

GOT A STORY TO TELL. recoveries? hopes? dreams? share it here!
send it to me : )

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