Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I miss thee/thou/you.

Whoa!, i never knew missing out on the blog posts would make me feel so...incomplete! haha, it's actually true. if i don't write a blog post in more than a week, i don't feel myself. i feel something is missing. so, here i am once again. like the good ol' days of summer.
however, the air is different. the colors are changing. the routines have de-routed.

all in all, fall is slowly making its way to the world.
it's always a beautiful thing; seasons that is. just the idea that God created a cycle that would make our lives a bit different every four months. it reminds me how God really doesn't like routines. i mean, if he did, he would have made the entire earth "boring" if i may say. same colors, same weather, same adventures all through the years, and all over the world.
i guess God had a different plan for us. an "exciting" one.
he knows that we need changes, sometimes. especially in our sceneries. that's why he created such amazing and breath taking cities and places to go visit.
and seasons also remind me the beauty of life. how it works. and how it doesn't. how it lives. and how it dies. how the rotten fades away, and how the new takes birth.
so, as you see nature transform, remember that God is in control of it all, and if he is in total control of the birds and the sky and the trees and the leaves, there is no way that he is NOT in control of your life.

this is a continous cycle. autumn is right around the corner, winter is to follow. but it doesn't end there. spring, new life, new beginnings ALWAYS finds its way...

well, i should get back to shakespeare. juliet is calling me. i better get to it, before this monologue slowly hides away from my memory. (oh, how i wish shakespeare had found his way to pens, then we wouldn't have had to study such complicated language...of course, very few will understand what i mean..)

- melody.
ps. wake up, you're alive. i'm on your side. and by your side.
pray for REVIVAL '08, i am praying God will revive john fraser...spiritually.

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